Stunning Taper Candle Inspiration to Elevate Your Centerpiece

taper candle centerpieces

Imagine this: you’re preparing for a wonderful dinner party and you set the final table element, a fresh and gorgeous bouquet. The centerpiece is already magnificent but how can you make it even better? By properly accompanying it with accessories like taper candles!

Taper candles are a simple way to add depth, light and color to your already exquisite centerpiece. Depending on placement and chosen colors, they can build out your desired dining atmosphere. Whether your goal is dark and dreamy or bright and cheery, we’ve created five moodboards to help you achieve an eye-catching taper candle centerpiece look. Take a look at our tips and tricks to make your taper candle centerpieces stand out.

Glowing and Glamorous

Craft a welcoming atmosphere with tones of red, orange and gold. Your centerpiece will instantly liven up the space with this design. Tall taper candles emphasize the glamour in this color scheme and pairing fiery-colored candles with pastel dishware produces a sunset-colored tablescape — perfect for evening get-togethers.

taper candle centerpieces red and orange

Bright and Elegant

You can’t go wrong with a classic and traditional look. This modern style has a sophisticated theme and is usually saved for special events. If you’re going for a more modern, rustic look, use pre-melted white candles. Follow all of our tips below to lighten your tablescape.

taper candle centerpieces shades of white

Dark and Dreamy

Promote a whimsical ambiance guaranteed to wow your guests. This moody setting is unique and strikingly memorable. To emphasize the mystical look of the dark taper candles, don’t go overboard on your tablescape color scheme and limit it to three or four colors. Create a real-life fairytale by incorporating the look below.

taper candle centerpieces dark hues

Blue and Bedazzled

Break up the layout by adding pops of blue. The magic of blue is that you don’t need to stick to one shade — adding multiples shades is still cohesive and promotes joy. Use the inspiration below to add zest to your centerpiece.

taper candle centerpieces shades of blue

Playful and Flirty

Pink screams fun! If you’re aiming for a thrilling and frivolous environment, pink taper candles are your go-to. Plus, they pair best with roses. Let your candles steal the show by incorporating this flirtatious color scheme into your next centerpiece.

taper candle centerpieces shades of pink


You’ll love hopping on the trendy taper candle train. Have fun crafting your centerpieces and potentially try a color scheme you normally don’t reach for. With a beautiful bouquet and the right taper candles, your centerpiece will be the focal point of the tablescape.