Perfect Mother’s Day: Baking Homemade Cookies & Memories

Perfect mothers day baking feature

Each year, as the days in May countdown to Mother’s Day, I am reminded of how appreciative I am for the women in my family. My aunts, grandmothers, cousins, my mom and my mother-in-law are all wonderful mothers. We all like to host and celebrate in a big way for each holiday.

Baking, especially desserts, is important for each occasion. We all have certain recipes we specialize in, and all of the mothers go the extra mile to make their kids’ favorites. Every mother I know — not just in my family — works hard to bring joy to the kids. Often, we can bring happiness to our children through the simplest means. We plan the meal, typically with a cup of coffee in hand, and take time to thoughtfully figure out the sweet treats as well!


perfect mothers day baking


I grew up with a mom and grandmothers who all enjoyed baking. My maternal grandmother (we called her “Granny”) was an outstanding baker. She often made cakes for others’ weddings and special occasions. She had signature recipes, which are now family treasures. One in particular, which is my absolute favorite, was her famous Southern-style chocolate cake with six layers of delicate vanilla cake, filled with from-scratch chocolate icing. She put heart and soul into each item she baked, and everything was beyond delicious.


I remember baking with her in her kitchen. She rarely needed a recipe. She had learned from her mama, and was a truly talented cook. Before she passed away, she taught my mom and me many lessons in the kitchen, as well as how to make her famous chocolate cake. Her love for baking has been passed down, and now I enjoy the time I spend in the kitchen baking for others, where her inspiration is felt.

Each May, we take time to honor our precious moms. In my case, a fitting way to remember my grandmother is to bake something sweet! Sharing a home-cooked meal with others is a true form of love. A staple at most family gatherings is some homemade cookies, and you can never go wrong with classic chocolate chip.


perfect mother's day baking cookies


Because it is Mother’s Day, we want to give our moms a break. These cookies are an ideal gift. The love and thoughtfulness are there, without the unnecessary hours spent in the kitchen.


perfect mother's day baking cookie mixes


All moms can appreciate a chance to sit down, and have a few moments to themselves. And who wouldn’t love some gorgeous flowers for their table on Mother’s Day? Fresh-baked, homemade cookies, a magazine, and beautiful pink, lavender, and green blooms set the tone.


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