When is National Boyfriend Day and What is it?

All throughout the year, there are important days that, while they may not be a major holiday, should still be celebrated nonetheless. One of those days is National Boyfriend Day, which is held every year on October 3rd. This special day is on the calendar to ensure that you are properly celebrating that special man in your life. So, how should you go about celebrating him? With flowers, of course! Though flowers have been more commonly gifted to women throughout the years, more men than ever before are also appreciating these beautiful and thoughtful gifts. That’s why we at FTD have made sure that we have a vast variety of best-selling flowers, gifts, and plants that are suitable for that lovely man you call your boyfriend.

When is National Boyfriend Day?

National Boyfriend Day is on October 3rd, and in 2021 that falls on a Sunday. That means you can celebrate your beau all weekend long, rounding out your celebration on the actual holiday! Since that special day is approaching, it is time to start planning how you are going to celebrate him. Just do your best not to wait until the last moment to plan, as we are sure your boyfriend deserves the extra thought and preparation.

What is the history of National Boyfriend Day?

There is actually quite the mystery surrounding how National Boyfriend Day got its start. It seems to be a complete Internet-generated phenomenon that only gained traction around the year 2014! That’s right, there is no trace on who it is that created the holiday, or why, but it can be safely assumed that it was started to celebrate those lucky men that are in our lives. The men that aren’t quite husbands, but definitely more than just a friend.

Why do we celebrate National BF Day? 

We celebrate National BF Day because we want to make sure that the man in our life knows just how much he is cared for. Of course, you already celebrate his birthday and your anniversary, and you are already the master of finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend, but sometimes that isn’t enough time to celebrate him! Having National Boyfriend Day ensures that he feels your overwhelming love on one more day of the year.

Is there a National Girlfriend Day? 

Just as there is a National Boyfriend Day, there is also a National Girlfriend Day. National Girlfriend Day falls on August 1st, and was originally created to celebrate women spending time with their other lady friends. It has now evolved into celebrating the special women in your life that you love romantically, and platonically, too.

How to observe National Boyfriend Day 

There are plenty of ways to be able to celebrate National Boyfriend Day. So, if you are drawing a blank, or just want some inspiration while you brainstorm, we have a few ideas to get your planning started in the right direction.

  • Plan a picnic: Taking your man on a picnic to the beach or a local park shows him you care and it is a great way to share your love of food. Packing one of FTD’s meat & cheese gift baskets is a surefire way to fill his stomach and his heart all at the same time.
  • Plan date night: If he is the one that normally plans date night, it is time to take the reins and plan a special night out for just the two of you. Movies, dinner, treats after the show — Plan it all! That way there is no pressure on him and you can show him how excited you are to spend some time with him.
  • Cook him a meal: We are sure it comes as no surprise when we say that one of the best ways to show a man you love him is through his stomach. Make a meal (or get his favorite takeout), set the table, pour his favorite beverage, and get to celebrating that man you call yours!
  • Send him something special: Though we at FTD are partial to flower deliveries, we also think that a gift basket is an effective gift when you want to express your love and gratitude for someone. Our gift baskets for him are full of different treats, products, and memorable items that will really show him you care.
  • Take him to a sporting event: If your man is big into sports, don’t be afraid to get him tickets to go see his favorite team or athlete play. Even if you aren’t too big into sports yourself, order some food and a drink and just sit back and relax while you watch your man in his element.
  • Write him a thoughtful note: We are sure that you tell him all the time that you care about him, whether it be in person, on the phone, or through text. But when was the last time you sat down and hand-wrote him a note to tell him how much you care? Get him a card or use stationary you already have to express your love by hand. It will be something he cherishes long after he is no longer your boyfriend and instead your husband.

Whatever it is you choose to do, we know you will have a good time doing it together! We here at FTD hope that you have fun celebrating your special someone on National Boyfriend Day. Remember, we have flowers, gift baskets, and sweet treats to take your man’s day from pleasant to exquisite! Enjoy the day, and may you and your boyfriend make memories that last a lifetime!