At-Home Spa Day for the Perfect Mother’s Day

Mother's Day spa day

When you’re a mom, being the vessel of unconditional love often means it’s too easy to neglect yourself and become worn out, stressed out, and run down. Maybe you’ve witnessed it with your own mother, or maybe you’re nodding your head in agreement based on your own experience in the journey of motherhood. While “me time” and pampering may sound like a selfish indulgence, taking the time to relax the body and mind is an investment in your overall wellness. Although every mother is unique, I firmly believe in the age-old saying, “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody’s happy.”

The perfect Mother’s Day doesn’t require anything elaborate to get that much-needed downtime. I have 5 boys and another on the way, so anything outside the home would cause more stress with coordinating schedules and finances than it’s worth. I prefer simple, and sometimes the comfort of home is actually the best place to soothe your mind and reinvigorate your spirit. Arrange to have someone over to watch the kids, and “get away” for a few hours.

It wouldn’t be a spa day without gloriously scented bath and body products. I suggest lavender. This aromatic herb is known to be an effective stress reliever and fosters a deeper sense of calm. Shower gel can double as a bubble bath, drenching you in a cascade of luxurious bubbles while you immerse yourself in warm water. Scented soap will infuse your senses while cleansing and softening your skin, leaving behind a light fragrance. Prop a hand towel under your head and neck so you can unwind comfortably. Bring along a good book or just bask in the solitude. These lavender essentials are from the Fields of Lavender Gift Basket from FTD.


Mother's Day Spa Day


Candles, scented or unscented (I prefer to have quite the fragrance-fest for my at-home spa day) and a music playlist will encourage a respite from the stressors of the outside world. Pandora is a great way to set the tone by selecting a station — try “Enya” or “Deuter.” Once the water has cooled and you emerge from your uninterrupted state of calm, pat your skin lightly with a cotton towel and nourish your skin with lavender-scented lotion.


FTD Shower Gel Soap


Read up on your favorite celebrity gossip while you enjoy a glass of wine, or make a cup of tea and enjoy it on the patio or in a quiet room alone. Don’t be afraid to indulge a little with a sweet treat like some chocolate-covered strawberries. These were juicy and sweet, the perfect dessert for the day.




Next, a manicure is on the agenda. But with five boys, I find my painted nails to be instantly chipped. I prefer drug-store press-on nails. They’re smudge-free, care-free and take less than five minutes to apply. At the age of 40, I can recall the press-on nails of decades past, but the newest kind do not require super glue and will remain intact for up to two weeks. For less than $10 you can find anything from solid colors to the latest nail art. Follow the instructions for prepping your nails (most come with the tools needed), clean up the sides of your nails with a cuticle trimmer and apply. Then moisturize your hands with scented lotion, carefully avoiding the nails. You’ll feel like you went to the salon without the hefty price tag.


mother's day tea


As the day wraps up, you’ll feel incredibly refreshed and wonder why you don’t do this more often.