Mother’s Day Gifts in 2022 for Every Woman in Your Life

Around every great mom is a cluster of strong, supportive women who watch her back. Celebrate Mother’s Day with the other women in your life besides your own mom, and order amazing gifts like Mother’s Day flowers for them this year.

mother's day gifts not just for mom


Think of the grandma, aunt, and mother-in-law in your life on whom you still depend for wisdom and family traditions. Think of your busy sister, your crazy friend with the newborn, the coworker who just adopted or the neighbor who watches the kids when you have to run out. Show your appreciation for these moms and spread the spirit of the day beyond just your biological mom.


If there’s anyone more important than your mom on Mother’s Day, it’s your grandma. She spoiled you as a child, sympathized with you as a teen and hosted countless family gatherings and holiday meals. This year, say thanks for all her yummy comfort food with a beautiful glazed casserole dish, personalized with the message “Grandma’s Secret Recipes.”


mother's day gifts grandma



Remember that time you wanted to run away from home, but instead, you ended up at Aunt Betty’s house eating cookies and watching movies past your bedtime? For all the times she babysat, comforted and advised you, she deserves a gift, too. Celebrate her sweet and important role in your life with a box of assorted chocolates.


mother's day gifts aunt



You might clash sometimes, but like it or not, your mother-in-law is the reason for the love in your life. Honor her with heartfelt appreciation by making a video of your husband and kids sharing favorite memories and saying thank you. Share the video by email or, if you live nearby, host a brunch for the whole family and show the video after the meal. For something special just from you, send her home with a flowering plant.


mother's day gifts sister



The days of braiding each other’s hair might be over now that she has her own baby to play with, but you can still show her your appreciation for always being your confidant, friend, and willing guinea pig for homemade egg-yolk hair conditioners. In honor of your many at-home spa days as teenagers, give her a much-needed break from the kiddos with a relaxing wine or champagne gift basket.



Who says Mother’s Day is only for family? Your friends are often your best source for practical, non-judgemental parenting advice. Give your best friend the kind of Mother’s Day present she needs — genuine affirmation. Send her a gerbera daisy bouquet and a thoughtful card that lists all the ways she is a good mother. Be as specific as possible: say thanks for the birthday party inspiration, mention a time that she kept her cool during a stressful situation and note how well her potty-training advice worked for your own kids.


mother's day gifts friend



Make a new mom in your office feel supported in her new job as a mother by sending her a Winnie the Pooh, Mickey, or another baby welcome basket from her favorite cubicle companions. The cheerful yellow color is gender-neutral (in case you didn’t get that memo), and the basket includes indispensable baby items like a pacifier and cotton Onesies. The whimsical Beanie Babies will keep baby entertained with the Peanut’s theme song while mom unwinds from a long day.



Ever noticed the single mom juggling grocery bags and strollers in the apartment across from yours? Show her some solidarity by sending her a gourmet fruit and sweets gift basket. The chocolate sea salt caramelized cashews will give her an elegant break from the usual animal crackers. Bonus points if you include a note offering to babysit for a few hours so she can take an evening for herself.


mother's day gifts neighbor