A Perfect Mother’s Day: Flowers in the Backyard

Mother's Day Flowers

Fresh tea leaves picked from the tea garden from 2006 and a single tulip from those 2005 bulbs plopped into a vase, all on a tray as I open my eyes. The kids cluster around the bed, excited to wake me up for Mother’s Day, the one day a year when I get to sleep in as long as I please and wander amidst the flowers for hours on end.


Perhaps it is a trip to a local garden, perhaps we head to a historic homestead or perhaps I just use those hours to soak in my own backyard. Everywhere I look, there are plants from the kids — an azalea from last year’s Mother’s Day and a hydrangea from the one before are in the clearing in the woods. Those daffodils clamoring for attention around the base of the magnolia are gifts too, from 2003 and 2004. Every year there is a new surprise for the garden and every year I get to enjoy the gifts of years gone by.


Perhaps you too would prefer a plant that will last for years and years to come in place of a bouquet. Here are two plants you should consider this Mother’s Day to say thanks to the lady who made sure your hair was always combed, your trousers were hiked up over your bum and your ears were sparkling and clean.


The Southern Magnolia

Magnolia Tree FTD Photo by Amy Renea of A Nest for All  Seasons


Folks from the South are well acquainted with the Southern Magnolia, but you might not know that this plant can be grown a bit farther North than you might imagine. A mature Southern Magnolia is growing beautifully in my Zone 6 Pennsylvanian garden! Why the Magnolia for moms? It is the center of any garden into which it is placed. It is strong, beautiful and long lasting. Once a year, it shows off what it can really do with a grand show of fragrant blooms rivaled by none. Then, it goes back to its job as the anchor of the garden. If you want to tell Mom she kept your world on its axis and is still your anchor, this is your plant.


Magnolia FTD Photo by Amy Renea of A Nest for All  Seasons


The Angel Parasol Hydrangea

It is hard to find a lady who dislikes a hydrangea! These are a safe bet for Mother’s Day. However, Angel Parasol Hydrangea is a Lacecap, meaning it has both large and small flowers. There are plenty of colors to choose from. This periwinkle is especially pretty.


Lacecap Hydrangea Photo by Amy Renea of A Nest for All  Seasons


Unlike the giant clusters of flowers fighting for attention on the Mopheads, the Lacecaps are more subdued. They showcase the “mothers” with all of their littles around them, a perfect reminder to Mama of your love and appreciation.


Hydrangea with Kid


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