3 Floral Breakfast Boards For The Perfect Stay-At-Home Mother’s Day

Mother's Day breakfast board in bed

What’s your family’s Mother’s Day style? Whether your tradition is to shower her with an intimate breakfast in bed or to treat her to the perfect spring-time afternoon tea, there are so many ways to treat the moms we love.

Even though this Mother’s Day won’t feel like holidays past, it doesn’t mean amazing moms can’t be showered in the love they deserve. For the perfect stay at home activity, we’ve created three Mother’s Day themed breakfast ideas to fit every mom! And since you’ll be celebrating at home, there’s every reason to go all out in the kitchen!

The menu-item we’re loving the most is inspired by many mom’s favorite wine tasting treat or Galentine’s bite. You guessed right, charcuterie! The charcuterie board offers a delicious and visually decadent selection of savory and sweet that fits everyone’s pallet. For the perfect Mother’s Day treat we’ve restyled this classic crowd-pleaser into a breakfast board fit for a king (or should we say, queen)!

Why Breakfast Boards are Mom-umental

There are many reasons that you should opt for breakfast boards for your Mother’s Day feast. These boards are best enjoyed together around the table, cuddled up in bed (just add a tray!) or on their own individual boards (great for picky eaters or the germ-conscious). Breakfast boards are completely kiddo friendly and can be leveled up or down depending on your little chef’s ability.

To help you create mom a board of her own, we’re giving you all the tips and tricks for preparing and styling three different types of breakfast boards. To tell her she’s the best “mum” out there, we’ve added a floral theme to each breakfast board perfect for showcasing spring vibes! All you have to do is personalize your board with her favorite flowers! Whether she’s the do-it-all-mom or the mom that deserves a “staycation”, treat her to the perfect floral themed Mother’s Day breakfast!

For the Do-It-All Mom

Our first breakfast board was created with the busy mom in mind! This breakfast board is equipped with a blend of decadent donuts for an easy (and kid-proof) Mother’s Day board. All you have to do is make a quick trip to a bakery for the freshest donuts! Add a mix of donuts to a cutting board or plate and finish the look with daisies and greenery as a garnish. This sweet display will surely show her you care and takes no time at all!

Once you’re done preparing your donut board, decorate your table with fresh flowers and double construction paper as a table runner for easy and no-mess decor. Plus little ones can contribute to your Mother’s Day tablescape by writing little love notes to mom on the construction paper. For inspiration, we’ve provided some clever mom puns below!

  • “Happy Mother’s Day! I love you a hole lot!”
  • “You did a grape job, raisin’ me!”
  • “Mom, you’re one in a melon!”
  • “Mom, olive you!”
  • “You’re tea-rrifc, Mom!”
  • “You’re the best mom there’s ever bean!”
  • “Nothing’s sweeter than my mom-egranate!”
  • “Mom, I’m your biggest flan!”


minimalist style donut breakfast board

For the Mom, Who Needs a Stay-Cation

Our next Mother’s Day breakfast board goes out to the “super moms” who deserve a day of relaxation. To treat her to a stay-at-home vacay we’ve themed this breakfast board to bring Mom lots of rejuvenation. Pick out a cutting board or plate and combine your yummiest brunch items (think eggs, bacon or whatever you have in your fridge!). Add your gorgeous board to a serving tray and don’t forget a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers to accompany her meal!

Don’t stop there! Give her the Mother’s Day glow she deserves by equipping your board with champagne and all the materials for an in-home spa. Serve her a “momosa” in bed so she won’t have to lift a finger on her special day.


coastal styled breakfast board

For the Glam Mama

For a Mother’s Day filled with giggles, glitter and glamour we’ve styled our last breakfast board for the girliest of moms! This jaw-dropping board is meant to get her in the holiday spirit and should be equipped with pink roses, festive tableware, and heart-shaped pancakes!

Play it safe with frozen pancakes or cook your own for creating the perfect DIY pancake bar breakfast board. Accompany your Mother’s Day meal with a dance party by creating Mom a DIY playlist of her favorite jams. Don’t forget a cup of coffee to keep her up and on her feet all day long as well as a beautiful bouquet for her to admire!


girly styled pancake board

Tips for the Perfect Stay-At-Home Mother’s Day

To ensure your stay-at-home Mother’s Day celebration goes off without a hitch, we’ve also rounded up a few tips and activities to try!

  • Prepare food and gifts in advance! Save yourself some time and energy in the morning by making any batter for pancakes or ordering flowers in advance.
  • Prepare room temperature foods first. Set out fruit, breads and anything that does not have to be served at a high or low temperature so you can prioritize getting your freshly cooked foods out hot and timely.
  • Say it in writing. Prepare a personal card to share your thoughts and gratitude towards the mom in your life.
  • Create a DIY Mother’s Day music playlist! Queue her favorite songs and have them on shuffle to keep the party going all day long.
  • Hygge your home! Add the fluffiest and coziest blankets to make mom feel as comfortable as possible when she gets her breakfast in bed.
  • Don’t forget to call grandma! Be cognizant of the other mom’s in your life to let them know you’re thinking of them too.
  • DIY an at-home oasis! Pick up or order some spa-like candles, tropical plants and materials to make your stay-at-home event feel like a tropical vacation.
  • If mom wants to relax, prepare lots of activities for the little ones. Download our donut themed Mother’s Day printable and see who can think of the most reasons that they love Mom.


Download Mother's Day Printable


Make this Mother’s Day one to remember through a thoughtful and intimate celebration spent together. Shower the mother’s in your life with flower deliveries and gifts that will keep the whole family safe and healthy while still showing you care. Happy Mother’s Day!