March Madness Party

March madness party table decorations

March Madness is upon us and it’s time to build your brackets, get your game-day fashion in gear and start your hosting prep!

Theming a party around a large sporting event is one of my favorite things to do. There are so many fun elements that you can add to the table and atmosphere to create an event your guests will never want to leave. March Madness, like the Super Bowl, is a sporting event that everyone can get into! I’m excited to share tips on putting together a March Madness party today with FTD.


march madness party


Aim for Basketball-Centric

It’s always best to start with your theme and plan other elements of the party around that theme. Create a menu and add a twist by incorporating basketball terminology to the items (like slam dunk cheese dip or nothing-but-net nachos). Do the same with your bar. You might even create a specialty cocktail for your favorite team (Mountaineer Madness).


march madness table setting


Add colored paper straws to the bar as another easy way to incorporate team colors so people can show their school pride!

Present a Paper Invitation

An e-vite can lack that personal touch. Instead, create a custom invite to give your guests something tangible. I found an artist on Etsy who created an invite that resembled a game ticket for $15 and printed them at home to keep it cost-efficient. It’s also another way to communicate the theme of the party to your guests.


march madness party invitation


Focus on Centerpieces

FTD’s rainbow roses are a perfect addition to the table setting. They are a fun way to incorporate your teams’ favorite colors and to create a little rivalry! Flowers can be in a vase any day, so have fun with your floral presentation by incorporating the theme of the event.


march madness party rainbow roses


I took some mason jars from my collection and added mini bouncy basketballs to cover the stems. You can replicate this with any vase or drinking glass. It’s a quick and easy way to display the arrangement, tie in your theme and create height on your table too. I found these orange cheer cones at Party City and the top opening was the perfect size for the arrangement. Stick with a vase with a narrow opening. It will create a fuller look with fewer flowers.


march madness party decorations


Outsource Dessert

Take the stress off your plate when it comes to the dessert. This is just another way for you, as a host, to enjoy your own party. Everyone loves cake pops and Oreos right? (If not, then they aren’t your friend.) FTD’s dipped rainbow cake pops and Oreos are a great way to add a functional burst of color to the table. Display them on a platter or on a cake stand, to add some dimension to your table. Guests can also enjoy a dessert coated in their teams’ favorite color (this makes for some fun Instagram photos)!


march madness party dessert


Go for Inexpensive Accents

Complete your table with a few kitschy items that tie back to the theme. I went to Target and picked up some chalkboard paper and a basketball net – all under $10. I drew sideline plays on the chalkboard paper and used them as fun placemats to be used on the tables. I laid the basketball net under the cake platter of desserts to call it out as my centerpiece. You could use it as a charger under your plates or around a vase to enhance a floral arrangement.


march madness table decorations


Wrap just about anything with jute or twine. Tie your silverware together or tie your straws to drinks for an extra touch.

Combine it all together and you have yourself a March Madness party!

Happy hosting! (And go, WV!)


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