International Women’s Day: What is It? And Why Do We Celebrate It?

International Women's Day Feature

As we get closer to March, murmurs about International Women’s Day begin to pop up.  Do you need to know more about it and what it means?  We are here to help you out!

What is International Women’s Day?

Every year International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th.  This springtime celebration began in New York City in 1909 as National Women’s Day, and it was created to recognize the continual advancements made by women at that time.  As more progress was made in women’s rights, the holiday was spread internationally. In 1913, March 8th was officially declared as International Women’s Day which we are still celebrating today. To read more about these advancements, check out the International Women’s Day website.


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How is International Women’s Day Celebrated?

Every country celebrates International Women’s Day a little bit differently.  In certain countries, such as China, Vietnam, Russia, and Bulgaria, the day is celebrated as a national holiday which, for some, means women get the day off work!  In other countries, it is celebrated as a day that men take the time to honor the women in their lives, some of which give flowers and candy.  Unlike Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, which is generally celebrated to show love and appreciation for significant others and mothers, this day is about taking the time to recognize and appreciate the women in your life.  This could mean an old teacher, coach or instructor.  It could be one of your managers or mentors throughout your career.  Whoever it might be, this is a great day to set aside to recognize how special and important they are in your life.


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How can I celebrate International Women’s Day?

Amid all of the national holidays we seem to recognize, like National Smile Day or National Eat a Croissant Day, we need to take the time to really recognize the relevant and meaningful ones, including International Women’s Day.  Here are a couple ideas for how you can recognize all the women in your life.

  • A quick text message to your closest friends and acquaintances is a perfect way to show your recognition and appreciation to have them in your life.
  • Flowers are always symbolic of your gratitude and appreciation for those who have had a major impact on your life. This symbol brightens their day and encourages them to keep on going and inspiring others like they did with you. Here are some International Women’s Day flower bouquets that might help you get started!
  • Get together with a group of women and attend a local Women’s Day event. Here is a calendar from the International Women’s Day organization for events in different countries.
  • Can’t make it to an event? Take the time to find a way to help those women still fighting for their rights. Donate to International Women’s Day or Participate in their discussions using the hashtag #womensday
  • Host your own Women’s Day event. Get all of the women in your life together to celebrate each other!