Create a Gh’oul Time with a Halloween Party Dinner

orange soda in mason jar chocolate covered oreos and Halloween themed place settings

It’s October and time to start thinking about your fall hosting agenda and how you plan to decorate. Today I’m sharing a fun way to style a dinner for two with a Halloween theme!

Fall Florals

halloween decorations and flowers on a table

When creating a theme for a dinner party, I always start with the flowers. More often than not you are at the mercy of what’s in season and available at your local store. What I love about is that you have access to a large selection of flowers throughout the year. With a Halloween-themed party on my mind, I needed a selection of fall blooms to serve as the focal point of my table. If you are stuck on where to start pull that inspiration from your flowers!

After perusing, I found this gorgeous and rich “Giving Thanks” bouquet. The color palette says autumn, Halloween and was the perfect place to start my theme. With my color palette in mind, I went on a hunt for the fitting accompaniments for my dinner. When planning for a party with a specific theme, it’s good to give yourself a budget so that you don’t end up with items you can only use once. That being said, my wallet and I made our way to HomeGoods for some budget-friendly pieces to complement.

flowers in halloween glass skull vase on table

The easiest way to dress up your blooms and bring a theme together, is to give the fresh blooms a unique vessel. In the spring I used cheer cones for my March Madness themed party. It really helped tie the theme together and gave the flowers purpose on the table. With something like that in mind, I went hunting through the aisles of HomeGoods. I turned the corner down the Halloween section and saw this glass skull jar and it was exactly what I needed.

Autumn Accents

About one hour later, I left the store with a handful of goodies and spent less than $50. With my fresh blooms and accompaniments in hand, I started to build the table setting. I placed the floral arrangement in the skull head and was so pleased with how it turned out! You could also add food dye to the water, either black or orange, for a fun pop of color at the table!

halloween themed place settings

halloween themed place settings and drink in mason jar

halloween themed place settings and drink in mason jar 2

For the table setting, I chose to use gold flatware to compliment the color of the arrangement. From there I added pieces like these gingham napkins, little ivory painted pumpkins, metallic skulls and some mercury candlesticks to create a spooky feel.

orange soda in a mason jar with straw

Since I didn’t add food coloring to the vase, I served orange soda in a mason jar with a black and white straw. It’s always fun to incorporate your theme colors into your food!

To-Die-For Desserts

fall themed chocolate covered oreos

Finally, no table is complete without a dessert tray. These chocolate-covered Oreos were the perfect addition the table! Not only are they delicious, they are dressed in fun confetti and fall-colored icing, a great way to bring the theme together! Now you know the easy and budget friendly steps to planning a gh’oul time.