Celebrating Galentine’s Day with Bows & Sequins & Corals + Cognacs

Galentines Day Feature

Not that you need a reason, but Valentine’s Day is the best excuse to celebrate your friendship with your very best gal pal. While the holiday is traditionally known for over-the-top gestures of love for your significant other, toasting to your most prized female friendships is becoming increasingly popular. A day of attention for your BFF instead of your BF. While Galentine’s Day might get a girls-rule-boys-drool kind of rap, it’s really not the anti-Valentine’s Day by any means. Ladies celebrating ladies, no matter your marital status!

Galentine's Day Box of Strawberries

Bows & Sequins Strawberry


Take a cue from blogger buds Jessica (of Bows & Sequins) and Hallie (of corals + cognacs). Jessica and Hallie’s friendship blossomed while they were living in Chicago in 2012. A few years later, they’ve both made the move to New York City and have a friendship that feels more like family. This duo is well versed in party planning and having a great time!


Corals + Cognacs Strawberries


While dinner, drinks, and dancing is always a viable option, Hallie and Jessica opted to celebrate from the comfort of their own apartments this year. (Does anyone else remember that scene from Sex and The City? “I’ll be right back to take you and your girlfriend’s order.”)


Galentine's Day Hearts and Flowers

Corals + Cognacs Eating a Strawberry


There isn’t much needed for a fun, festive set-up at home. Fluff some flowers, open a bottle of wine and embrace the sugar high! Mix up a custom cocktail, celebrate with champagne, or relax with a bottle of red wine… It’s your choice. Chocolate covered strawberries, however, are a must-have! (And they taste even better than they look!) Candy hearts are a great choice, too. Even if you’re not planning to eat them, stringing phrases together after a glass of wine can be quite entertaining!


Galentine's Day Candy and Flowers


Romantic red and white roses tend to be the Valentine’s Day favorite so these gal pals opted for a more colorful arrangement instead. Shades of pink and purple feel a bit more young, fun, and festive! (And they make for great Instagram photos, too!)


Galentine's Day Taking Pictures


After you’ve cracked open a bottle and have successfully fueled your sugar rush, put on a laugh-out-loud movie, pull up a DIY project from Pinterest, and enjoy a night with your bestie!


Bows & Sequins Galentine's Day


Whether you’re single or coupled up, a simple, sparkly (and reservation stress-free) party setup is the perfect way to celebrate the amazing women in your life. Cheers!

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