Father’s Day: Host a Backyard BBQ for Dad

Father's Day Backyard BBQ Feature

My husband agrees that the best Father’s Day gift is time with his family, and also baby back ribs, but mostly the gift of time. So why not combine both? Planning a Father’s Day barbeque doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. Putting together some simple but delicious food with a few fun decorations can make the occasion feel festive. The gourmet gift baskets from FTD come with ingredients that can be used alone or mixed into recipes to make this year’s barbeque the best yet!

We all know the grill takes center stage at a barbeque, but adding in a few dad-themed decorations kicks it up a notch. Use a canvas drop cloth (the kind from the hardware store) as a tablecloth to create a base. Then, layer in greenery and accessories like lanterns to create some contrast. These food labels were made by sticking chalkboard tape onto burlap scraps and adding a twine handle so they don’t blow away. Birch coasters can be purchased at a craft store or if you’re lucky, cut from large branches from the yard. A cheese board elevates the food and makes it look extra special.


Dean & Deluca Roasted Onion Ketchup


The Dean & Deluca Roasted Onion Ketchup makes a great cocktail sauce for shrimp when mixed with horseradish. You can buy the shrimp deveined and shelled to make prep even quicker. Or use it to dress up grilled shrimp. Easy and delicious!


Father's Day Backyard BBQ


These Nunes Farms Fancy Nuts make a tasty pairing for the rest of the food. The boxes also make them easy to stash in the snack drawer or car for when dad gets hungry!


Father's Day Backyard snacks


Add them to small bowls or ramekins and place around the table so everyone has a quick snack within reach.


Father's Day Backyard bowls of snacks


Mesquite and Stout Ale Mustard makes a quick dip for pretzels, and is a favorite appetizer while you wait for the food to grill. Go the extra mile and use it for soft pretzels — you won’t be disappointed! Also use it for topping burgers or to create a quick salad dressing when mixed with oil, vinegar and herbs.


Dean & Deluca Mesquite and Stout Ale Mustard


Tins of spices  —  Barbeque Rub, Coarse Sea Salt and Four Pepper Blend  — can be used to flavor almost any meat before grilling. Just be sure to grind the peppercorns first. Throw some on your baby back ribs, mix into burgers, toss with oil and zucchini, or rub into your steak. The salt and pepper will be especially delicious on corn on the cob or try topping it with a pinch of the Barbeque Rub mixed with butter. Use the Roasted Ketchup or Worcestershire sauce to spice up a traditional barbeque sauce, and you’ve got an easy meal in the bag.

As for beverages, you can’t go wrong with (or picked a more perfect holiday for) Dad’s Root Beer. This is a beverage the whole family can enjoy! Plus, it doubles as dad-themed decor. Place it in a large bucket of ice to make it easy to grab and enjoy.


Father's Day Dads Rootbeer


This Father’s Day, FTD makes it easy for you to fire up the grill and get the BBQ season off to a terrific start with its selection of gourmet gift baskets. The gift of time together, root beer and baby back ribs rolled into one? Perfection!

*The Dean & Deluca Gourmet Grilling Gift and the Nuts for Him Basket were used in this article.