An Autumnal Take on Birthday Party Ideas

pig shaped cutting board and cheese autumn party decorations

If you have a loved one with an autumn birthday, consider one of these three fun and festive birthday party ideas to celebrate!

Ladies’ Autumn Wine Tasting

One of the simplest birthday celebrations to coordinate is a wine tasting, or wine and cheese pairing. Appetizers, a little bubbly and conversation are the basics of catching up with girlfriends!

wine and wine glasses and organic fruit gift box

Putting together a tasting is easy, but certain elements are essential. To add some feminine details to this event I used a simple piece of fabric in fall colors as a table runner. I also incorporated a gorgeous autumn-colored bouquet from FTD. These flowers were the ideal decor for this gathering. If I wanted to set the tone from the moment the guests walked through the door, I might have added a wreath to the front door. This one is beautiful, and fitting for any fall occasion.

bouquet of flowers with wine and glasses

cheese and nuts on cutting board shaped like a pig and bouquet of flowers

For the cheese tray, I used some of the treats from the Fresh Fruit and Cheese Box. Cheese trays don’t need to be complicated, especially if the event is only for a few ladies. Base the number of items and the quantities, on the number of guests.

pig shaped cutting board nuts and cheese crackers and apples

A wine tasting like this one can be planned and assembled relatively quickly, especially when some of the crucial elements are delivered to your doorstep! Cheers to that!

Outdoor Family Game Night

Nothing says October quite like a campfire and roasting marshmallows! Crisp, cool autumn nights are ideal for gathering outdoors.

autumn party games and decorations on table outside

To assemble family-friendly games, choose ones that can work outside, as well as ones that will appeal to many ages. One tried-and-true game — bobbing for apples! Laugh at the wet faces and splashing, and warm up next to the campfire.

apples in bucket

For the food, this party can be as simple as making s’mores over a fire! Enjoy roasting marshmallows. It’s fun for the kids and adults alike, and requires little advance prep work!

Decorations for this event can be a mix of rustic and outdoorsy paired with an elegant centerpiece. I used small hay bales, pumpkins, pinecones and acorns for the natural elements. The FTD bouquet was a beautiful addition to soften the rustic pieces.

autumn party games flowers and decorations on table outside

This birthday party idea is truly more about enjoying company, rather than stressing over the details. Gather some friends, roast a few marshmallows, play games and celebrate a loved one!

Kids’ Pumpkin Painting Party

Pumpkin painting is a fun, safe alternative to carving pumpkins, and is more appropriate for young children. For this birthday party theme, participants use paint brushes instead of any sharp equipment, and they can truly express their individual creativity.

autumn party food and flowers on a table with paint

paint brushes palatte and miniature pumpkin

The necessary items for this party: kid-friendly paint, small pumpkins, and snacks. I purchased the plastic paint palettes from a local craft store.

The decor for this event is bright and partial to kids. To achieve this look, splatter several colors of paint on some inexpensive white fabric (or even butcher paper), then layer it with cute orange and white dot fabric. Keep in mind, you’ll want the table to be covered to protect it from messy little hands and stray paint!

I also incorporated the autumn-colored flower arrangement again, because every party should have flowers!

These kid-friendly finger foods are a mix of supermarket favorites and treats from the FTD gift box. Those bright-colored fruit snacks helped inspire this party theme! Another treat from FTD that would be ideal for this party would be these school-themed chocolate-covered oreos!

autumn party snacks candy oranges apples chocolate chips and pretzels

The kids will enjoy this activity, and the parents will love seeing their imaginations come to life. Don’t forget to take advantage of the photo op.

autumn party food and flowers on a table with paint 2

Fall is a lovely time to celebrate a birthday! Enjoy the company and the season.