Date Night with the Kids: Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear Tea Party

Teddy Bear Tea Party feature

“Mommy, will you be my Valentimes?” my 4-year-old son recently asked, and his pronunciation of “Valentimes” and the sentiment behind it melted my heart on the spot. I couldn’t let down my handsome date, so my husband and I conspired to plan a date night the whole family could enjoy.  Since Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show you care, here’s how you can use this holiday to set up a special surprise they’ll always remember — a Teddy Bear Tea Party!

The first step was gathering up a teddy bear, or two — one for both the kids. I grabbed a party bear for my son and a bear with a rose for my daughter. However any bears or stuffed animals will make perfect tea party guests!


Teddy Bear Tea Party teddy bear girl


Teddy Bear Tea Party teddy bear roses


Teddy Bear Tea Party teddy bear boy


Next, set the stage. Find a tablecloth, add red and white napkins, pretty plates, and teacups to add to the theme. You don’t need to buy anything new. I was surprised at what I found from “shopping” in my own home.


Teddy Bear Tea Party teddy bear table


A placecard at each chair lets kids know which bear is going to be their new friend.


Teddy Bear Tea Party placecard girl


Teddy Bear Tea Party placecard boy


Bunches of red, white or pink balloons or tissue paper flowers really kick it up a notch.  You can also add a few simple table arrangements; here, I added some carnations to a plain teapot for an easy centerpiece.


Teddy Bear Tea Party flowers teapot


What’s a tea party without yummy snacks? A few ideas to set the right mood for your teddy bear party:

  • tea sandwiches (use cookie cutters to create fun shapes)
  • gummy bears and teddy grahams (serve in cupcake wrappers)
  • marshmallow or cake pops
  • macarons, mini-cupcakes, or frosted cookies


Teddy Bear Tea Party snacks


Teddy Bear Tea Party cookies


For the “tea” in tea party, my kids like caffeine-free raspberry herbal tea. But juice, lemonade or hot chocolate all make delicious companions to your party if tea isn’t in the cards.

Add the final touches, like these two quick craft ideas. Create teddy bear crowns by simply cutting and taping a construction paper ring and adding two little ears on top. Kids will love to match their teddy bears!


Teddy Bear Tea Party crown


As for the paper straw arrows, they make great decorations to place around the table. Hand cut and fringe some paper feathers, and place in a slit at the end of the straw. The heart tip is made from attaching wide washi tape and trimming it in the shape of a heart.


Teddy Bear Tea Party straw arrow


Teddy Bear Tea Party flowers teapot Teddy Bear Tea Party straw arrow feathers


Teddy Bear Tea Party straw arrow washi


Kids adore Valentine’s Day, and you adore your kids, which sets the stage for garnering big smiles from everyone.  The memories created from this vermont teddy bear tea party are ones they’ll cherish forever. Plus it’s a great time to sneak in a few lessons on manners as you practicing holding your teacups and asking to “please pass the bear snacks!” Enjoy, and cheers to spending Valentine’s Day with those you love — both big and small.