16 Boutonniere and Corsage Ideas

For most celebrations, it’s the smallest details that make the biggest impact. Two of the most well-known details for weddings or special events like prom are boutonnieres and corsages. Historically, these decorative pieces had a more serious purpose.

In the 1700s, a boutonniere was placed in the buttonhole of a man’s jacket and along with corsages, were believed to ward off disease, bad smells and evil spirits. Today, a boutonniere is worn to accent the man’s outfit and as a way to match their date’s dress color or the flowers in her corsage. While the meaning and placement have changed throughout the years, the tradition continues. If you’re in search of the perfect floral accent for your special event, check out these 16 corsage and boutonniere ideas to help you create the perfect piece!

Boutonniere Ideas

Whether you prefer a single stem or greenery and filler flowers, wearing a perfectly placed boutonniere can take your outfit to the next level. Choose a flower with a special meaning, such as a rose, chrysanthemum or tulip for a wedding, as they represent love, passion and loyalty. Add a mix of light or dark greenery to the flowers to make the floral of your choice really stand out. Also, consider adding an extra detail such as a special pin or a ribbon in a coordinating color when pinning a boutonniere to tie everything together.

Top left photo by: Dear Wesleyann | Top right photo by: Emily Wren Photography | Second row, left photo by: Melissa Beattie | Bottom left photo by: Lemonade Pictures | Bottom right photo by:  Izabela Rachwal

Corsage Ideas

Whether it’s your favorite color or a shade picked to celebrate the current season, determining your outfit color for your big day is one of the most important parts! Choose a warm color, such as yellow or red for a lively, passionate feel or stick with cooler tones like blue or purple for a relaxed and calm arrangement. Mix and match shades in the same palette to add some dimension to your corsage.

To secure your special accessory, choose a ribbon that coordinates with both your flower selection and color palette. Satin and lace are two beautiful options to keep your corsage snug and decorate your wrist. Choose from a simple strap or curled strands cascading out from underneath. For a little extra sparkle, add unique details such as rhinestones to really stand out!

Top left photo by: Anna Marie Akins | Center right photo by: Taghi Naderzad | Lower center photo by: Sophisticated Floral | Bottom left photo by: Kristyn Hogan


Celebrating a special event can always be enhanced with the right accessory. By using a favorite color or a meaningful flower, it’s easy to create the decorative boutonniere or corsage of your dreams! Whether it’s for a wedding or a prom, the perfect boutonniere and corsage will only improve your outfit. Carry on this time-honored tradition by using these ideas to create and gift your date with the perfect accessory!


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