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Lilies & Lily Bouquets

Looking for a floral arrangement that will light up the room? Thanks to their multi-colored blooms, lilies are the perfect flower variety for any occasion. White calla lilies are a picturesque choice for wedding flowers that will surely keep your guests talking for years to come. No matter what occasion you’re buying for, our unique lily arrangements make for a wonderful choice.

Lilies & Lily Bouquets FAQs

Where does FTD Deliver Lily Bouquets To?

FTD offers a huge selection of flowers, arrangements, and gifts to send to your favorite people all over the world. We even offer same day flower delivery throughout the U.S. As the best flower delivery service out there, we pride ourselves on making gift-giving simple.

What Types of Lilies Are There?

Lilies are some of the world's most loved flowers. Their variety of colorful blooms and unique hues make them such a special treat no matter the occasion. FTD incorporates exquisite lilies of many varieties in some of our best-selling flower bouquets for the lily-lover in your life. Some of our most popular lilies include:

● Stargazer lilies

● Calla lilies

● Peruvian lilies

What Does It Mean to Send Someone Lilies?

Lilies are among our best sellers, and because they are so versatile, the meaning behind them depends on the occasion. Overall, they represent rejuvenation. That makes them floral favorites for life's most significant transitions and milestones.

For instance, while white lilies are often used for weddings, they are also appropriate for a funeral flower delivery. In fact, lilies are the flower most associated with funerals, representing the soul of the departed. They are also a good choice for a sympathy flower delivery. Calla lilies represent rebirth, providing hope for grieving families. A delivery of lilies can encompass both deep joy and profound sadness.

Send pink lilies to close female friends and relatives, especially for a birthday flower delivery. For those born in May, lilies are their birth flower. Pink lilies are also a classic choice for Mother's Day. In addition, they are often included in anniversary floral arrangements because they are the traditional flower for celebrating a 30th wedding anniversary.

Lilies naturally complement so many other blooms. Florists use them as a staple in many of their lilies bouquet deliveries.

What Do the Different Color Lilies Mean?

One of the best things about these fantastic flowers is the natural color variety that they offer. But did you know that each color has a certain meaning? When buying lilies, you should consider what each hue means so you can convey the perfect message to the recipient. Here are a few examples of lily colors and their associated meanings:

● Pink lilies represent prosperity and abundance

● Yellow lilies convey thankfulness

● White lilies symbolize virtue

● Red lilies represent passion

● Orange lilies symbolize confidence and wealth

While you would send red lilies to your partner, orange lilies work well in Get Well Soon arrangements. You might also want to include orange lilies in a bouquet for someone who just got a new job or promotion. However, you really can't go wrong no matter what type of lilies flower delivery you choose.

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