Mixed Metal Holiday Tablescapes + Printable Pie and Hot Chocolate Stencils

floral lantern centerpiece on thanksgiving table.

Holiday festivities keep us busy, whether we’re hosting them or attending them. The latter is a real treat, especially because hosting — and making your guests feel welcome — can be stressful. So if you are having friends and family over this year, cheers to you!

After you send out the party invites, it’s time to start decorating. We recommend bookmarking the latest decor trends to get inspired. This season, the hottest trend is mixed metal tablescapes with floral additions. This modern style adds an avante-garde touch to your decor that guests won’t forget. Plus, it’s an easy look to incorporate into your home. Before you get started, there are a few do’s and don’ts for mixing metals:


Flawless Fall Mixed Metal Tablescape

fall tablescape ideas with pumpkin pie.

Show your gratitude toward family and friends by accessorizing your table with candles, grand centerpieces, and pops of color. Fancying up the setting makes your guests feel honored to have a seat at the table. To achieve this look, add metallic fall elements—such as silver and gold pumpkins.

Tablescape Tips:

  • Use metallic spray paint to transform anything from its original standard to sparkling.
  • Cut up a reusable brown bag for name cards to add a rustic look.
  • Add a floral cornucopia or lantern centerpiece to leave your guests in awe.


Simple Seasonal Mixed Metal Tablescape

friendsgiving tablescapes with copper elements.

This seasonal tablescape emphasizes the importance of who’s at the table rather than what’s on it. Don’t go overboard with this setting. Rember, simplicity is key to creating an intimate atmosphere. Our design has a subtle touch of mixed metals to avoid stealing the spotlight from our nearest and dearest. Guests are the star of this dinner table! Implement a delicate style of metals with copper materials and elegant plate designs.

Tablescape Tips:

  • Stick with neutral colors when adding non-metals to the table.
  • Tie the tablescape together by matching the table runner with plate accessories.
  • Choose food and beverages that have metallic labels (such as champagne bottles) to contribute to the mixed metals theme.


Glitz, Glamour and Gold Mixed Metal Tablescape

friendsgiving tablescape ideas with gold elements.

Another year in the books means celebrating 365 days of accomplishments. Therefore highlighting gold in this tablescape is most appropriate. Tie gold metals with cheerfully patterned accessories and throw sparklers across the table (unlit, of course!). Carry success and prosperity into the new year by having guests write their favorite moment of the year on a sheet of paper.

Tablescape Tips:

  • Look for areas you can match patterns within your tablescape. Such as your menu and coasters.
  • Add succulents and air plants for eye-catching additions.
  • Use dark colors sparingly when pairing with mostly gold metals.


Festive Pie and Hot Chocolate Stencils

printable pie and coffee stencils laying on a table.

Did someone say dessert?

Make that little slice of heaven more angelic with sugar and stencils. These printable stencils will elevate your delightful desserts to impress your guests. Stencils below are made for standard coffee mugs (three and a half inches in diameter) and standard pie size (ideally eight and a half inches in diameter).

The instructions are as follows:

  1. Print out one of our splendid stencils on cardstock paper.
  2. Cut only along the dotted lines. The stencil will extend to the outside edges of the pie or
    hot chocolate.
  3. Place the stencil over your pie or foamy hot chocolate.
  4. Sprinkle on your choice of powdered sugar or cinnamon!

orange download button.

It’s time to get excited about hosting — a perfect opportunity to warmly deliver holiday cheer. Plus, your company is delighted to join you for a night of wonderful conversation and ambiance. We urge you to not stress about perfection! Since at the end of the day, your tablescape cannot compare to the people sitting around it.

We’ll leave you with one holiday hosting tip we can’t emphasize enough — a tablescape without a centerpiece is like an apple pie without ice cream.