FTD Social and Environmental Practices

Florists' Transworld Delivery Inc. and FTD.com Inc. (collectively "FTD") are committed to supporting human rights and labor standards as they relate to the development and production of fresh flowers. Currently, FTD markets on its www.ftd.com website five fresh flower bouquets using only certified "FAIR TRADE" flowers, as well as several other eco-friendly fresh flower arrangements. In addition, FTD has requested written commitments from its Growers and other Suppliers of fresh flowers that they are likewise committed to human rights and labor standards in the production of fresh flowers for FTD, and that they will not misstate the true country of origin of their fresh flower products and will operate consistently with the principles of at least one or more of the following eco-friendly certification standards: Fair Trade, VeriFlora, Florverde, USDA Organic, Quality Assurance International and Rainforest Alliance.

For more information on these eco-friendly certifications, visit the following websites:

FTD Code of Conduct for Suppliers

In connection with the above commitment, FTD has published the following code of conduct for its suppliers, which underscores our intent to sell products that are produced under safe working conditions and in compliance with applicable laws.

  • Forced Labor: FTD does not condone the use of forced or prison labor.
  • Child Labor: FTD does not condone the use of underage workers as defined by the applicable laws in the states and countries in which our vendors operate.
  • Harassment or Abuse: FTD stipulates herein that the vendors with which it works should treat their workers with respect and dignity and those workers should not be subject to physical, sexual, or verbal abuse in the workplace.
  • Nondiscrimination: FTD does not condone vendor discrimination in employment, as defined by the applicable laws in the states and countries in which our vendors operate.
  • Health and Safety: FTD seeks vendors that provide a safe and healthy working environment for their employees as a means of preventing accidents and injury to health.
  • Wages and Benefits: FTD seeks vendors that pay employees wages required by local law and provide legally mandated benefits as defined by the laws in the states and countries in which they operate.

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