White Bird of Paradise


White Bird of Paradise

This easy to grow houseplant features rich green fronds that add instant life and beauty to any room. Majesty Palm adds a touch of tropical elegance to your home or office. This beautiful indoor houseplant grows vertically, eventually reaching up to 6 feet tall. Majesty Palm is a popular decorator choice because of its beautiful large airy fronds. Palms are like living sculptures, your plant will become an instant focal point of any room.


  • This plant is approximately 28–36 inches tall.
  • Comes in a woven seagrass basket.
  • Care Tips: White Bird of Paradise does best when placed in a room that receives bright, indirect sunlight. Water with 2–3 cups of water about once a week, or when soil is dry be sure to drain any excess water.
  • This plant is best suited for growing indoors and patios during warmer months.
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