Tranquil Jade Bonsai

This Dwarf Jade combined with the divided land water pot makes a wonderful indoor miniature landscape. Let the beauty and simplicity of this bonsai plant bring peace of mind and tranquility to the soul. Dwarf Jade is a tropical plant and is one of the easiest trees to grow. It is also well adapted to low light and tolerant of short periods of dryness. Place indoors near windows facing southeast or west. In warm weather, bonsai will grow best outdoors. Never allow bonsai to freeze. Humidity tray is included.

  • One 3-year-old Dwarf Jade Bonsai
  • Indoor bonsai
  • Stands approximately 6-8" tall
  • Plus 1 Dwarf Horsetail accent plant
  • Arrives in glazed ceramic pot (color may vary)
  • Includes humidity tray and rocks (not pictured)
  • Care instructions included

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