Pomegranate Bonsai with Rosh Hashanah Love Pop card


Pomegranate Bonsai with Rosh Hashanah Love Pop card

Celebrate the spirit of Rosh Hashanah in a truly meaningful way with our exquisite Pomegranate Bonsai paired with the heartfelt Rosh Hashanah Love Pop card. This unique combination embodies tradition, beauty, and blessings, making it the perfect gesture for the holiday season.


  • This plant is approximately 8-12" tall and 5 years old.
  • The leaves are opposite or sub-opposite, glossy, and narrow oblong. The Pomegranate flowers are bright red. The Socotran Pomegranate has pink (not red) flowers. Pomegranates are drought tolerant. If too wet, root decay results from fungal infestation.
  • It comes in a ceramic planter, ceramic container that may vary in color, gravel, and humidity tray are included.
  • Your bonsai will arrive in a 7" container and will perform best indoors.
  • This plant is not pet friendly.