Monstera in Basket


Monstera in Basket

Large and tropical, there is so much to love about Monsteras. This plant is ready to thrive in your space with its distinct leaves and rich colors. Impress your house guest with a Monstera in your home, or treat your loved ones to this fast-growing beauty.


  • Container Dimensions: 9" H X 8.5" D
  • Overall plant height: 28-30" H
  • Includes Monstera Plant in a woven black and tan basket
  • Please note, Monsteras are toxic to pets
  • Care: Monstera plants do well in any light, but will grow faster and become more dramatic in a bright, indirectly lit area. When watering your plant, be sure the top of the soil is dry
  • This houseplant is best suited for growing indoors
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