Hors d'oeuvre Cornucopia


Hors d'oeuvre Cornucopia

Our Hors d'oeuvre Cornucopia will turn a decorative piece into the favorite appetizer of the night! Enjoy your favorites like olives, crackers, snack mix, cookies, mixed nuts, spicy mustard and dried fruit, all ready to pair with the meat and cheese of your choice.


  • Includes crackers (1 .5 oz.), cheese (4 oz.), olives (1.1 oz.), snack mix (4 oz.), cookies (2 oz.), mixed nuts (1.5 oz.), spicy mustard (1.25 oz.), dried fruit (3 oz.), cookies (2.5 oz.), 2 mixed nuts (2 oz.), spicy mustard (1.5 oz.) and dried fruit (3 oz.).
  • Arrives in a gift basket.
  • This gift contains nuts.

Carefully Packaged & Delivered

Your gift is inspected and shipped in a gift box to locations nationwide.

ITEM: #G2100