Dracaena - Shelfie Plant

Dracaena - Shelfie Plant

Our Dracaena Reflexa shelfie plant (commonly called Song of India) is two gifts in one: It helps to purify the air by removing certain pollutants from the air in their home, and adds a splash of modern style to any decor. This gift includes an exclusive gold dipped planter, and stands 9"- 11"tall. All of the plants in our Breathe Happier™ Collection are hardy, easy to care for, and selected from plants listed in the NASA Clean Air Study.

  • One Dracaena Reflexa plant, commonly called Song of India
  • Includes our exclusively designed gold dipped planter, 5"w x 5"h
  • Gift stands approximately 9-11" tall
  • Care instructions included

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