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Yellow Plants

Yellow plants are versatile communicators. Need a little pick me up? Radiant yellow house plants are a delightful way to spread smiles or energize your living spaces. Express compassion and comfort with a bountiful dishgarden bursting with charming mixture of plants with yellow flowers and leaves. FTD has a pleasing assortment of yellow plants for sale sure to lift anyone’s spirits.

Bright on! Celebrate with Yellow Plants

Honor the treasured mom in your life with a joyful yellow plant delivered for Mother’s Day or add a touch of bold blossoms to her at-home festivities. Send a special someone a Happy Birthday plant adorned with colorful leaves - the gift that will give the whole year round. Kick the party up a notch and bundle your yellow plants online with Birthday Chocolate Covered Strawberries!

Yellow - It’s Not Just for Daisies

Flaunting dainty canary petals or tall lemony leaves, yellow house plants online come in a wide variety of species and shades.  Add a pop of color in that small nook next to the kitchen sink or wish a friend good luck on their new job with a pot of gold(en) flowers for their new office. The spectrum of yellow plants is vast with styles and uses - you will undoubtedly find a favorite or two!

Why a Yellow Potted Plant?

Potted plants breathe life into every indoor space - figuratively and literally - providing a number of benefits to both home and office. Known to help eliminate toxins from the air, potted plants also enhance mood and reduce stress. Place a lush yellow leaved plant on your desk and boost productivity and focus. A sensory power punch, plants with yellow flowers brighten up your interiors with bold colors and sweet fragrances. Be sure to follow the care instructions included with your delivery. This will allow you to enjoy your yellow plant for weeks, or even years, and foster long-term gratification. Select from a number of yellow house plants online to start building your soothing sanctuary.