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Easter Flower Centerpieces

Thinking of adding a festive touch to your home this Easter? Well, an Easter flower centerpiece will do just that. Brighten up your home and impress guests with Easter centerpieces from FTD!

What are the most common flowers to have in an arrangement for Easter?

If you're planning on getting a flower arrangement for the Easter table, there are several beautiful blooms out there to choose from. Of course, you can't go wrong with Easter lilies, which are slim, elegant, and maintain traditional ties to the holiday. Other common Easter flowers are colorful one associated with springtime, such as Easter tulips and spring hydrangeas.

What is the history of flowers on Easter?

Certain flowers are a hallmark of Easter, especially the Easter lily. The Easter lily is native to the Ryukyu Islands of Japan, and was first discovered by the Swedish naturalist Carl Peter Thunberg in 1777. The flower arrived in England in 1819, then was introduced in Bermuda, then eventually made its way to the United States, where it became associated with the Easter holiday.

Lilies are also often considered a religious flower for Easter. The flower appears numerous times in the bible - lilies sprout where Eve's tears drop to the ground after leaving the Garden of Eden, and the flower is said to have bloomed from the drops of sweat that came from Christ on the cross.

When should I order my arrangement so that it gets here by Easter?

Generally, the earlier you order an Easter flower centerpiece, the better. We tend to receive an influx of orders during the holidays, so make sure to place your order as soon as possible in order to secure a delivery date before Easter.

When you select the Easter centerpiece that you like from our collection, you'll be able to pick an available date for your flowers to be delivered. If you choose a delivery date on or before Easter, we'll get your order to your doorstep in time for the holiday!

What other Easter flower bouquets do you have available?

At FTD, we have a variety of Easter floral decorations available for delivery. In addition to Easter lilies and tulips, we have roses, carnations, orchids, and more! Whether you're looking for an elegant white floral arrangement or something that adds a pop of color to a room, we have it all. Get Easter flower centerpieces, live plants, chocolates, gifts, and more when you shop our collection.