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Mother’s Day Flowers

Shop for Mother's Day flowers to find the picture-perfect gift to commemorate the occasion. Treat your mom to something special this holiday, and browse a wide array of beautiful blooms. Our elegant flowers for Mother's Day can help you express your sweetest sentiments. We've created custom arrangements tailored to every taste. Choose from a wide variety of flower types to show your mom the love and appreciation she deserves. When you send flowers for Mother's Day, you truly show your love, affection and appreciation.

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Fast & Fresh flower delivery for your mother

FTD specializes in delivering flowers across the country. We get flowers to their destination quickly, expertly and with guaranteed freshness. When you want to show your love to someone a few states away, FTD is your best bet. If you are running out of time, feel free to shop our collection of same-day flower delivery for Mother's Day. If you have waited until the last minute, there is still plenty of beautiful flower bouquets to choose from in our same-day collection. Mother's Day is this Sunday May 12, 2024!

Include a Personalized Message for Mom

When you send your mother a flower arrangement or Mother's Day gifts, it's important to include a personalized message that shows Mom just how much you care about her. A gift may speak volumes, but there is nothing quite like hearing directly from you. Do you need some help composing a loving message for your mother? Check out our informative blog on inspiring messages for Mom for inspiration, guidance and some creative ideas! Think about how much your mom means to you, and let her know it. Even if it's hard to find the right words, she will appreciate the sentiment.

Gift Ideas — Pair Flowers with Chocolate

Flowers are a great gift for Mother’s Day, but they are even more special when paired with a delicious gift basket filled with Mother's Day chocolate treats! Nothing goes together quite as well as flowers and chocolate, and your mom truly deserves nothing but the best! We offer a wide assortment of gifts to go with your flowers. Give your mom a gift she won’t soon forget by combining beautiful flowers with chocolates, snacks and candies.

Along with chocolate and flowers, we offer a wide selection of Mother's Day gift baskets. We also offer a gourmet cheese, nut and fruit crate, as well as a classic gourmet salami and cheese box.

Mother's Day isn't Just for Your Mom!

Remember: Your own mom isn't the only mom in your life. While you're looking for the perfect present, be sure to keep gifts for the other moms in your life in mind:

These moms must be celebrated every bit as your own mom, so don't be shy about showing them how much you care!

Affordable Flowers for Mom

Looking for affordable flower bouquets for Mother’s Day while working on a budget? No problem. FTD offers a wide selection of affordable Mother’s Day bouquets and gifts that are $50 or cheaper, so no matter what size wallet you're working with, you can show your mom the love she deserves with our options.

Mother's Day Flowers FAQs

What are the most common flowers for Mother's Day?

There's no right answer to what flowers are best. However, there are some fan favorites that are definitely worth considering when you're looking over your options:

  • Roses: Though these are often considered the signature flower of romance, a bouquet of roses or a mixed bouquet that also features roses can be a sweet and thoughtful gift for moms as well. Your mom will appreciate a classic bouquet of Mother's Day roses. If you’re buying flowers for your wife as a Mother's Day surprise, red roses are ideal.

  • Lilies: These delicate, graceful and voluminous flowers add class and beauty to any bouquet. Your mom will be thrilled when she claps her eyes on them. Calla lilies are especially associated with Mother's Day.

  • Orchids: For a classier touch, orchids are the go-to bloom. These rare and exotic flowers elevate a bouquet into a full-on luxury experience.

  • Sunflowers: Mother's Day comes in May, and sunflowers are fully in bloom. Show your mom the best of the season with a lively and radiant bouquet of sunflowers.

  • Carnations: When Anna Jarvis started the day to honor mothers in 1907, she had 500 white carnations sent to the West Virginia church, where her mother had long taught Sunday School. Carnations became an early part of the Mother's Day flower tradition.

Other top Mother's Day flowers include Gerbera daisies and irises. The same holds for any flowers that bloom naturally in May.

Shop all flowers to find the perfect blooms for your Mother's Day celebration. Would your mom prefer a plant, such as a mini rose bush, to flowers? No problem! We have many Mother's Day plants from which to choose. How about a blooming azalea bonsai, or a blossoming Abundance Garden bonsai? We also feature a magnolia sapling accompanied by a lavender soap and lotion duet.

What do different colors of signify?

Flowers are known to signify different colors that's what makes them such a versatile and timeless gift option, no matter the occasion. As you consider what flowers to send your mom this Mother's Day, keep these color meanings in mind:

  • Red is a flower of passion and love, so it's probably best suited for romantic gifts — your wife, for instance, deserves a Mother's Day flower bouquet if you have kids!

  • Pink is a fun and playful color and is also full of youth and vitality. They make the perfect option for new mothers.

  • Light blue flowers are also ideal for new moms, especially those that have recently had little boys.

  • Purple flowers are regal and luxurious and make stunning gifts for your mom, grandma or mother-in-law.

  • Mixed color bouquets make great gift options for any mom in your life!

No matter your choice, all blooms make for ideal flowers!

Why do we give flowers on Mother's Day?

Why is it traditional to send flowers to your mother? Well, because flowers are not only beautiful they're also a symbol of growth, love and the best that life has to offer. All these symbols are especially important on this holiday, as moms give us life and help us see all the amazing things in this world! We also give flower arrangements for this holiday because they are simply gorgeous to behold. When you're looking for the perfect bouquet, try to find the ideal gift basket to go along with it. That way, your gift doesn't just look good it tastes great, too!

Is it too late to order flowers on the day before?

With FTD, we make sure it's never too late to make the holiday special for the mom in your life. We offer same-day and last-minute Mother's Day flower delivery, so even if you wake up realizing it's that holiday and you haven't planned a thing, you can get your mom the gift she deserves. Find your mom — or any other mom in your life — the gift she deserves, and make her special day all the sweeter with a bouquet of flowers.

Do we deliver on the same day?

Yes, we deliver flowers and gifts on the holiday! We know the anticipation and joy receiving flowers brings, so we even offer same-day delivery. Just make sure you place your order before 1 p.m. in the recipient’s time zone.