The Meaning of Sympathy Flowers and Funeral Flowers
Losing a loved one is difficult, and when you wish to share your sympathy, sending flowers is a meaningful gesture that can provide comfort to those who are grieving. Funeral flowers provide a touching tribute and can brighten up a somber time. The type of flowers you choose can express your particular sentiments. In recent years, sympathy arrangements have begun to incorporate a wide variety of flowers and colors. The traditional language of flowers provides a way to convey your feelings and send a meaningful message.
The flower most commonly associated with funeral services in the popular mind is the lily. Lilies are often interpreted as a symbol of the innocence that has been restored to the soul of the departed. A white stargazer lily symbolizes sympathy and any type of white lily expresses majesty and purity.
One of the most popular choices for sympathy arrangements, carnations of various colors have different meanings. A red carnation evokes admiration while a pink carnation stands for remembrance. White carnations stand for pure love and innocence.
Also known as mums,¯ chrysanthemums are frequently included in arrangements of flowers for funeral services. Particularly in some European countries, Korea, and Japan, the white chrysanthemum is symbolic of death, lamentation, and grief; therefore, its use is generally reserved for funeral services. In the United States, white chrysanthemums are often understood to symbolize truth.
A fan spray of gladioli is a classic and elegant arrangement for traditional funeral services. The gladiolus embodies strength of character, sincerity, and moral integrity.
As one of the most recognizable flowers, roses can be a beautiful part of an arrangement of funeral flowers. A white rose evokes reverence, humility, innocence, and youthfulness. Red roses convey respect, love, and courage. Love, grace, and gentility are the message of a pink rose.
Other Flower Meanings
If you would like to customize your arrangement of funeral flowers further, there are more flower meanings that might express your sentiments in this time of grief and remembrance. Though they may not be the traditional funeral flowers, any flowers that share your sympathy with the bereaved and celebrate the deceased's memory are appropriate for a funeral. The xeranthemum symbolizes eternity and immortality. Cyclamens say goodbye and forget-me-nots send a message of faithful love and memories. Marjoram conveys comfort and consolation. The nasturtium celebrates patriotism. If you are aware of flowers that were a favorite of the deceased or that a member of the bereaved family particularly favors, those blooms may also be a good choice for a funeral gift. Whatever flowers you choose to send, your thoughtful message of sympathy will certainly be a comfort to those who are mourning the loss of a loved one.

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