For me, flowers and fragance are the perfect expression of love and commitment.


The Meaning of Flowers
Flowers are a common and beautiful way to convey feelings, though today we use their language in a more general way than in past eras. An easy and beautifully symbolic way to get your message across to your recipient, the following list of popular flowers defines what each color and variety represents.

Red: love, passion, desire
Yellow: friendship, happiness
Coral: desire
Peach: sincerity
Dark Pink: gratitude, appreciation
Pale Pink: grace, admiration
Orange: fascination, enthusiasm
White: innocence
Purple/Lilac: love at first sight

Red: irresistible love
Yellow: friendship
Purple: loyalty
Orange: warmth and happiness

Other Seasonal Flowers
Anemone: expectation
Baby's Breath: innocence, a pure heart
Calla Lilies: magnificent beauty
Daisies: gentleness and innocence
Gardenias: purity
Hyacinths: loveliness
Hydrangea: good cheer
Iris: warm affection
Lilies: majesty
Lily of the Valley: happiness
Orchids: rare beauty
Queen Anne's Lace: trust
Stephanotis: marital bliss
Violets: modesty and faithfulness

A wonderful way to express a singular emotion would be to send a bouquet consisting of one color or one specific variety of flower. If you are trying to express a few different sentiments, send a mixed bouquet of different color or flower varieties to create a truly special gift.

Birth Month Flowers

The symbolism of flowers also extends to each birth month in the calendar year. Each birth flower holds distinctive symbolic traits that make sending a bouquet of a particular birth flower a wonderfully personal and special gift. Below is a guide to each month's specific flower and the meaning tied to the beauty of their petals.

January: Carnation: pride and gratitude with its gorgeous floral scent and abundant paper-like petals
February: Iris: faithfulness and virtue with its royal purple hues and elegant stem
March: Daffodil: affection and new beginnings with it's bright yellow tones and sunny disposition
April: Peonies: riches and honor with its full, rounded bloom full of paper-like petals
May: Lily: purity and humility with its sweet fragrance and large star-like petals
June: Rose: love and happiness with its encircling petals and famous scent
July: Delphinium: lightness with its refreshing fragrance and columned blooms
August: Dahlia: dignity and elegance with its rounded bloom full of lush petals available in many bright and rich colors
September: Aster: elegance and affection with its lush texture and jeweled hues
October: Calendula: joy and modesty with its bright hued petals and happy disposition
November: Chrysanthemum: optimism and cheerfulness with its hardy textures and bright myriad of available colors and types
December: Holly: good will with its vibrant red berries and hardy green leaves

The perfect gift to convey any sentiment is one that matches the recipients personality and style..

From color to container, there are many ways to create a unique and memorable bouquet.

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