For me, flowers and fragance are the perfect expression of love and commitment.


Choosing flowers for a specific occasion is an important decision.  Not only do you want to convey the appropriate sentiment to your recipient, but you also want to pick something that will match their personality and style.  Below are a few ideas that will help you choose the perfect flowers for any occasion.

If sending flowers in honor of your own anniversary, roses are highly recommended.  Send their favorite rose color and send a bouquet as a thoughtful gift.  Red roses are also a great selection as they are a traditional expression of love.  If sending flowers to congratulate another couple, select a celebratory bouquet of lavender roses, fragrant pink lilies or exotic purple cut orchids.

Birthdays are a great reason to celebrate so send a bright and colorful bouquet to mark the occasion.  To personalize the gift, send the recipient’s favorite color or type of flower. Other great suggestions are a sunny and vibrant mixed bouquet of yellow and orange orchids, beautiful fuchsia roses, or bold red cut orchids

New Baby
Soft hues are best when sending flowers congratulating the new family.  Colors are no longer limited to the traditional pink and blue.  Yellow and green are increasingly popular choices to send in celebration of the occasion.  Soft blue hydrangea, pale green roses or a sweet mixed bouquet of pink roses are the perfect way to welcome a new baby.

Thank You
When sending flowers as a thank you gift, be sure to choose a color palette that best suits your recipient and their home or office.  If the bouquet if perfectly suited to the environment in which it will be enjoyed, the gift is perceived as thoughtful and considerate.  A bouquet of plum and mango calla lilies, stunning bicolor pink and white lilies or an elegant purple orchid plant are wonderful ways to express gratitude and appreciation.

The Perfect Gift

Flowers are a great gift idea for any occasion.  They are thoughtful and expressive, and should be selected with the occasion and gift recipient’s taste in mind.  They are also easy to care for and will bring joy for days.  Keep these basic tips in mind when sending flowers as a gift.

  • Find out what the recipient’s favorite flower and/or color are.  Sending a bouquet selected especially for them adds a personal and thoughtful touch.
  • Be sure to order a vase with your bouquet so that the gift recipient can easily arrange and enjoy.
Keep in mind that some people may be allergic to pollen and certain types of flowers.  Flowers, such as mums, daisies, roses, orchids, sunflowers, hydrangea, tulips, iris, are great choices for those who may suffer from flower allergies.

Flowers create a colorful language that brings expression to the heart's intention.

From color to container, there are many ways to create a unique and memorable bouquet.

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