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How to Choose Your Bouquet

Choosing your perfect wedding bouquet is so important! You should consider the color palette you have chosen for your bridal party, the season of the year and the overall image you've had in your mind since childhood about the way your wedding was going to look! Your bouquet choice will be a beautiful complement to your day. Below are some simple tips to keep in mind:

1. This is your wedding day and no matter what the season may be you should feel free to choose the color you want. Even if it is a fall or winter wedding, if you have always dreamed of having pink flowers then don't let the season dictate your choice. Let your wedding dreams come true.

2. There are many options of color combinations to choose from once you've established the color of the bridesmaid dresses. Take a look at all of your options. You may think that if you have pink dresses than your only choices are pink or white flowers, but you could also choose our mixed Bright Blush package and find that this speaks more to your personal style and aesthetic. Here are some color combinations that we recommend:

Floral Wedding Packages Recommended by Wedding Color

Pink Dresses – Bright Blush, Perfect Pinks, Ivory Inspirations

Blue Dresses – Ivory Inspirations, Bright Blush, Rich Reds

Green Dresses – Bright Blush, Perfect Pinks, Lovely Lavenders, Ivory Inspirations

Orange Dresses – Bright Blush, Lovely Lavenders

Purple Dresses – Lovely Lavenders, Ivory Inspirations, Perfect Pinks

Red Dresses – Rich Reds, Ivory Inspirations, Bright Blush

Yellow Dresses – Ivory Inspirations, Lovely Lavenders

Black & White Dresses – Rich Reds, Ivory Inspirations, Bright Blush, Perfect Pinks

Silver Dresses – Lovely Lavenders, Perfect Pinks, Ivory Inspirations, Rich Reds

Gold Dresses – Bright Blush, Rich Reds, Ivory Inspirations

3. You may also want to consider the mood that each floral color offers and brings to your wedding.

- Ivory flowers represent a classic elegance. They are graceful and timeless and always a good choice.

- Red flowers represent romance and bring a royal richness to your wedding day.

- Pink flowers are full of feminine flair and style and offer sweetness and blushing beauty to your big event.

- Lavender flowers are simply enchanting. Their cool hues offer a magical quality to the day's events.

- Mixed bright flowers are flashy and fun. Paired with darker bridesmaid dresses they exude an unmatched elegance, but can also add depth and light to any dress of a lighter hue.

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