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Chocolate Fruit Gift


The Chocolate Dip Delights 100% Real Chocolate Covered Fruit Club is the most delicious way to give a gift that celebrates the goodness of life each & every month of the year! Known for their rich, velvety Real Chocolates & high quality favorite fruits, this gift will have their joy mounting with each taste sensation. Available as a 3 month, 6 month, or full year subscription, the following gifts will be sent to your special ...


Thoughts of summertime, beaches, and tropical sunsets are ushered forth with each amazing mouthwatering taste of Chocolate Dip Delights Chocolate Covered Banana Bites. The frozen fruit of the banana makes an outstanding pairing with Chocolate Dip Delights velvety smooth signature 100% Real dark chocolate. As the centerpiece of each of the 15-pc. selection, the frozen banana center delivers a tropical burst of sweetness beautifully mingling with the heavenly 100% Real dark chocolate shell. ...


The artisan chocolatiers of Chocolate Dip Delights have created a sensory stimulation with these incredible treats starting the moment you open the box and see the breathtaking size and beauty of each dark chocolate enrobed strawberry. Pick it up by its generous, leafy green head, draw it to your mouth and draw in a wave of its divinely fudgy fragrance that will, momentarily, be a sensory tsunami. As your teeth pierce the thick, silky dark ...


The artisan chocolatiers of Chocolate Dip Delights create a sensory stimulation with their incredible treats starting the moment you open the box and see the beautiful presentation made by these exceptional chocolate enrobed strawberries. Your special recipient will enjoy each berry's divinely dark fragrance and alluring sweetness of white chocolate wonder as they take their first bite. The fruit's bright, naturally sweet juice mingles perfectly with the gourmet chocolate to strike a ...


The Chocolate Dip Delights 100% Real Chocolate Dipped Dried Fruit Mix is an incredible gourmet gift your special recipient is sure to love! A divine assortment of dried pineapple, apricots, dates and figs are lovingly hand-dipped in rich and creamy milk, dark and white Chocolates to create an amazing gourmet treat. Certain to delight friends, relatives or co-workers, this chocolate covered fruit gift is a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday, let them know you're ...

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