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FTD is a ground-breaking floral company that has transformed the flower business since its inception and continues to set the standard in floral related products and services today. Founded in 1910 as the Florists Telegraph Delivery Association, FTD became the country's first flowers-by-wire service.

FTD will celebrate 100 years of floral innovation on August 18, 2010. Founded in 1910 as the Florists' Telegraph Delivery Association by 15 visionary florists, FTD became the country's first flowers-by-mail service. Led by Valentine, a Colorado wholesale florist who knew that in order for the floral industry to grow florists had to work together grow to deliver flowers to customers nationwide.

"FTD began as an agreement between entrepreneurial florists and our florists are still the life blood of our business," said Robert S. Apatoff, President of FTD. "John Valentine and the other original FTD members truly were visionary in that they realized collective effort by florists could expand the floral industry as a whole. FTD has grown exponentially over the past 100 years and the flower delivery marketplace is vastly different, but our core mission has not changed. FTD exists to help grow the retail floral industry and do everything we can to ensure the success of our member florists."

Since then, FTD has grown into one of the world's best known brands and currently features a nationwide network of approximately 16,000 retail florists in North America and worldwide connects to a network of approximately 45,000 florists in 154 countries to deliver fresh flower arrangements right to your door, often in the same day. FTD is passionate about flowers and dedicated to delivering the best customer service in the florist industry.

FTD's logo, the Mercury Man, comprised of the Greek god Mercury in a winged cap and winged sandals striding along with a bouquet of flowers held in his outstretched arm debuted in 1912. Since its launch, it has gone through many transformations becoming one of the most recognizable logos in the United States.

FTD stands behind our Satisfaction Guarantee on all orders sent through FTD for delivery. Whether you order flowers online at www.FTD.com or call our toll free phone number, our staff is dedicated to delivering the freshest flowers and plants and the highest quality gifts and unique gift baskets for any occasion.

All of our FTD florists are passionate about flowers and the gifts they create for each customer. FTD has an extensive collection of flowers and floral gifts for any occasion. From traditional flowers to modern flowers, luxury flowers to stylish plants for Valentine's Day, birthdays, Mother's Day and more! Our fresh flowers are guaranteed to last at least 7 days, so you'll be able to enjoy your gorgeous FTD floral arrangement well beyond its arrival.

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