Send Flowers to France
Sending flowers online to France is easy with FTD's international florist delivery. Send floral bouquets to France including French Guyana, French Polynesia, Guadalupe, Martinique, Monaco, New Caledonia, Reunion Island, Saint Pierre et Miquelon, and Saint Maarten FR.
Affection Affection
Alba Alba
Calin Calin
Colombe Colombe

Anthurium Anthurium
Aphelie Aphelie
Aria Aria
Delicatesse Delicatesse

Astre Astre
Athanee Athanee
Atrium Atrium
Flamingo Flamingo

Lollipop Lollipop
Bianca Bianca
O de rose O de rose
Bocage Bocage

Passion Passion
Rainbow Rainbow
Rose cerise Rose cerise
Bosquet Bosquet

Vert coton Vert coton
Candide Candide
Ceremonie Ceremonie

Compassion Compassion
Condoleance Condoleance
Aureal Aureal

Firmament Firmament
Blueberry Blueberry
Bonbonniere Bonbonniere
Croquandise Croquandise

Grace Grace
Helios Helios
Hommage Hommage

Hymne Hymne
Infini Infini

Ete Indien Ete Indien
Maestro Maestro
Exquise Exquise
Memorial Memorial

Menuet Menuet
Mielrose Mielrose
Flanelle Flanelle

Nacre Nacre
Nid dange Nid dange
Noblesse Noblesse
Fleurette Fleurette

Frimousse Frimousse
Liberty Liberty
Opus Opus

Oree Oree
Magilys Magilys
Myrtille Myrtille
Organza Organza

Parma Parma
Paradilys Paradilys
Perlita Perlita

Pop Pop
Prelude Prelude
Prunelle Prunelle

Pure Pure
Rhapsodie Rhapsodie
Rosalie Rosalie
Purple Purple

Requiem Requiem
Requiem rose Requiem rose
Velours Velours

Venus Venus
Rosae Rosae
Rosae blanc Rosae blanc
Violetta Violetta

Serenite Serenite
Olympie Olympie
Sorbet Sorbet

Souvenir Souvenir
Sympathie Sympathie
Sympathie Sympathie

Trinite Trinite
Louange Louange

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