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What do white flowers symbolize?

White flower bouquets symbolize purity, divinity, royalty, hope, and rebirth. Of course, different flowers can have different meanings, even if they’re the same hue. Here are some examples of the meanings behind our popular types of white flowers:
  • White roses symbolize purity, romance, and hope for the future. You’ll often find them at religious ceremonies, baby showers, or other events that celebrate hope for joyous years to come. They make great wedding bouquet flowers too!
  • White lilies symbolize rebirth and hope, and are often used as white flower centerpieces. They are found at funerals, as they remind the family and friends of the dearly departed of the new growth and new beginnings that life has to offer.
  • White daisies are similarly used, but because they are so versatile, you’ll find them everywhere from weddings to funerals, adding a splash of cheer to whatever bouquet or splash they fill. Some say they’re cheap white flowers, but at FTD, we hand-pick only the best.
White flowers are a great way to show your love in a respectful, thoughtful, and truly elegant way.

Which flowers are white in color?

Many flowers bloom naturally white, like roses, lilies, daisies, white carnations, and even tulips! At FTD, we specialize in curating only the freshest, most stunning blooms, no matter the color. Rest assured that when you order a bouquet of FTD flowers, you’re getting the best.   Plus, we offer same-day delivery to ensure that even when your gift-giving is down to the wire, we’ve still got your back. Browse our selection to find the best white flower arrangement for your event, whether that’s a wedding, a First Communion, a baby shower, bridal shower, or as a gift to send when you can’t make it to an event.