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Popular Wedding Flowers

With so many popular wedding flowers, how do you know which ones to choose for your special day? Some bouquets may be better suited to specific color schemes, while other popular wedding floral arrangements change with the seasons. No matter whether you're planning a summer or fall wedding, or whether your aesthetic is traditional or casual and contemporary, we can help you find the right floral arrangements!

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What Are the Most Popular Wedding Flowers for Each Season?

The time of the year that your wedding is held can help determine everything from the venue and decorations to the color scheme and the flowers you choose. Growing seasons and availability may also influence what the most popular wedding bouquets are for a given season.   Spring and Summer: The warmer months that are most commonly host to outdoor weddings offer many options when it comes to choosing flower arrangements. Popular wedding flowers for spring and summer include garden roses, tulips, ranunculus, hydrangeas, lilies and orchids. Sometimes, spring weddings may opt for more pastel pinks and oranges while summer wedding flowers are often bolder yellows, whites and purples.   Fall: A lot of popular wedding floral arrangements take advantage of the natural color schemes of the season, and fall's showcase of golds, oranges and reds offers a lot to work with. Champagne roses, garden roses and peonies can each add a delicate, rustic touch while still leaving flexibility for a variety of color schemes. Purple heather flowers and red hypericum are good filler flowers to add a vibrant touch to fall wedding arrangements.   Winter: There are some stunning options for creating a winter wedding bouquet, especially when there's a fresh layer of pure white snow outside to compliment the bride's radiant dress. For a more traditional option, try an arrangement of white chrysanthemums accented with some silver or gold-tinged filler flowers. Or, for a more modern twist, try pairing white and pastel-orange roses with some seasonal greenery like myrtle or eucalyptus.

Popular Wedding Bouquets by Color Scheme

Whether you're arranging a one-of-a-kind bridal bouquet or wedding reception centerpieces your guests will enjoy, it's important to make sure your flowers match the color scheme for your ceremony.   White roses, hydrangeas and carnations are popular bridal flowers, matching the traditional light colors of a wedding gown. For a pop of blue or purple, delphiniums, lilac and hyacinth make for great filler flowers to add some color and dimension to a centerpiece. If you're looking to add some warm colors like reds, oranges and yellows, there are a variety of multi-colored tulips, from the common, elegant Dutch tulips to the wider goblet-shaped French tulips. Amaryllis can also be a great way to add some tropical flair to a summer wedding bouquet.

Have Popular Wedding Flowers Delivered Straight to Your Venue

Let FTD make planning your special day a little bit easier. We partner with local florists so you can pick out your favorite arrangement from our selection of popular wedding flowers online and have them delivered straight to the wedding venue!