Hydrangeas & Hydrangea Arrangements

The voluminous blooms, soft petals, and brilliant shades make the hydrangea flower perfect for expressing gratitude, sprucing up a home, or brightening any room. At FTD, we have a wide collection of hydrangea flower arrangements to choose from that come in a variety of hues and colors. Whether it’s a gift for yourself or for someone near and dear to you, a hydrangea bouquet will make a lasting impression. Shop our selection now.

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Hydrangeas & Hydrangea Arrangements FAQs

When is the best time to buy a hydrangea bouquet?

The lush flowers of the hydrangea are hard to resist, and for good reason! They’re beautiful, classy, and best of all, long-lasting, making them a popular choice when it comes to sending flowers. The ideal time to buy a hydrangea arrangement is in early spring when flowers begin to bloom. However, hydrangea flowers can last well through summer and fall, all the way until winter comes and knocks their petals to the ground. Along with our assortment of stunning hydrangea bouquets, other blooms that are perfect for spring and summer include our orchids, tulips, and carnations. At FTD, we specialize in making life’s most precious moments memorable with our unique floral arrangements, perfect for any occasion.

Do hydrangeas have a spiritual meaning?

The meaning of certain hydrangeas are linked to the flower’s color. For instance, white hydrangeas represent purity and innocence. Green hydrangeas symbolize rebirth and renewal. Blue hydrangeas are a sign of regret. Do you want to say, “I’m sorry,” with flowers? Blue hydrangeas will send that message. Pink hydrangeas signify deep emotion.

The language of flowers can be complex. For example, along with innocence, the white hydrangea can also represent bragging or boasting. That was the Victorian view, at least. You can put a modern spin on this meaning by sending white hydrangeas to signal that you are proud of someone’s accomplishment – so much so that you’re ready to boast to everyone about it! Graduations, promotions, landing new jobs, birth announcements – all of these are perfect occasions to send congratulations with white-colored hydrangeas.

The large blooms are linked to abundance. They also signify deep understanding, whether between friends or romantic partners. That depth of understanding corresponds with purple hydrangeas. Wondering about the right birthday flowers to send for someone special? How about sending the birthday celebrant a lovely hydrangea bouquet delivery? Choose the color most suitable for the recipient.

What does it mean to give someone hydrangeas?

Hydrangeas are the classic gift for a fourth wedding anniversary. If you know a couple celebrating their fourth, send them a same day flower delivery of beautiful hydrangeas.

Because of their association with prosperity and abundance, hydrangeas can be sent to anyone opening a new business or embarking on any sort of venture. Since hydrangeas represent gratitude, send a hydrangea delivery to anyone who has done you a favor or helped you in some way.

If you can’t attend an event, sending a blue hydrangea flower delivery can convey your regrets. Send a sympathy flower delivery of hydrangeas to someone who has lost a loved one. Hydrangeas often appear in a funeral flowers as an accent for the arrangement.

What to know about hydrangea care?

Hydrangea flowers are very needy. In fact, “hydra” is Greek for water, and “angos” is Greek for vessel, which translates to “water barrel.” This meaning refers to the hydrangea flower’s need for water, so adequate hydrangea care is essential in order to maintain its perfectly shaped blooms. Hydrangea care for potted hydrangeas is simple. All you need to do is keep the soil moist to prevent the luscious petals from drying out. However, make sure water doesn’t build up on the bottom of the pot. To do so, poke holes in the bottom if it’s wrapped in foil, or place the pot on a saucer. Additionally, make sure your hydrangea bouquet is receiving plenty of sunlight. Hydrangea care for vase arrangements is also easy. Just make sure the vase is filled with water and the stems are cut at an angle in order for your hydrangea flower arrangement to get enough H2O.

How long do hydrangea flowers last?

Hydrangeas are a gift that keeps on giving. Why? Because they have an extremely long lifetime! These old-fashioned blooms can last several weeks in a vase. If they’re planted or potted, they continue to replace old blooms with new ones throughout the growing season. Hydrangea flowers are also perfect for drying. Dried hydrangeas can still retain their original color and shape, making them perfect for preserving and decorating your home. To dry hydrangea flowers, all you have to do is cut the leaves off the stem and air dry them upside-down for a few days. After that, your hydrangea arrangement will be ready to be placed in a vase and flaunt their beauty for years to come.

Historically, hydrangeas are North American natives. They were brought to Europe in the 18th century and quickly became a sensation. Bring that same sense of delight to your friends, family, co-workers, or any special someone with hydrangea flowers delivery! Shop all Flowers to view our complete selection of bouquets and floral arrangements.