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Diwali Flowers, Plants & Gifts

Diwali is the festival of lights and is celebrated with gifts, flowers, plants, silver coins, Diwali diyas, sweet treats, plus so much more. We at FTD know how important it is to celebrate Diwali with your loved ones, so we have a few ideas of Diwali flowers and gifts you can send or bring to any and all Diwali celebrations. So, this year when you gather with your family, you want to do your best to not show up empty handed and instead bring along thoughtful gifts, stunning flowers, and lively plants, all of which can be delivered from FTD.

Send Flowers for Diwali: Frequently Asked Questions 

So, what flowers or plants should you bring to Diwali celebrations, or which ones should you decorate your house with? Well, we have a few Diwali gift ideas for friends, and flower recommendations to use this year and for all Diwali celebrations to come.

What are the best flowers for Diwali?

There are so many good choices for flowers for Diwali, it may be hard to choose just one beautiful bouquet! So, know that with FTD’s stunning selection of lilies, roses, daisies, and orchids you just can’t go wrong. Each of our arrangements are made with the freshest flowers and greenery available, and just like our romantic flowers and flowers with religious meaning, our Diwali flowers are delivered carefully and with care.

When should I send flowers for Diwali?

When sending flowers for Diwali, you want to be sure you are giving yourself at least a couple days to place the order, that way they can be delivered on time, or right before your Diwali celebration.

What gifts can I send with my Diwali flower delivery?

FTD has delicious and thoughtful gift ideas for those gifts for retirement, to romance gifts, to Diwali gifts, and fall gourmet gifts. Our wide variety of sweet treats, gourmet foods, and thought-out gift ideas make for the perfect choice when looking for gifts to send with your Diwali flower delivery. So, place your order of Diwali flowers and gift delivery from FTD today!