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Arbor Day Flowers & Gifts

In both form and function, trees are truly amazing. They are the shade to our picnics in the park and our child’s secret hiding spot. Even more so, their environmental benefits, such as providing oxygen and providing wildlife habitat, are what propels them to superstar status. Paying homage to these valued nurturers, FTD offers a specially curated assortment of Arbor Day flowers and gifts perfect for anyone who cherishes the great outdoors.

What is Arbor Day?

Tree advocate and Nebraskan newspaper editor turned Secretary of Agriculture, J. Sterling Morton, founded Arbor Day in the United States in 1872. Commemorated primarily in Nebraska that year, it is estimated that more than one million trees were planted for the inaugural Arbor Day. Almost 150 years later, Morton's statement, "Other holidays repose upon the past; Arbor Day proposes for the future' still holds true. Now honored by individuals, schools, businesses and communities around the globe, the annual event's goals center around planting trees, practicing conservation and caring for the environment that will be handed down to the next generation. Nationally, Arbor Day marks the last Friday of April; however, ideal tree planting season dictates the specific date observed individually by states as well as other countries.

How to Celebrate Arbor Day

Arbor Day not only cultivates connection with our beautiful Mother Earth but also with family, friends, co-workers and even strangers. Most popularly, communities plant trees together to signify the holiday, and a considerate Arbor Day gift is to dedicate your tree to a loved one. However, if you are unable to plant a tree, there are still a number of ways to participate in Arbor Day festivities. Visit your local arboretum or botanical garden and learn more about trees and woody plants and what you can do to protect them. Work with your child's school or local library to initiate programs educating on the benefits of recycling or ways to make small lifestyle changes that have a big impact on our environment. Whether you are planting the next member of the redwoods forest or simply switching over to e-bills, Arbor Day is about giving back to the ones that give so much to us - our trees.

What gifts are appropriate for Arbor Day

Although not a traditional gift-giving holiday, FTD's eloquent Arbor Day gifts online are stunning tokens to pay tribute to the breathtaking earth around us. For the nature-loving, apartment dweller, a lush Arbor Day plant is a sentimental reminder of their National Park excursions. Say thank you to the conservationist, arborist or environmentalist in your life with an abundant bouquet of Arbor Day flowers or an Arbor Day gift basket. Express kind words of gratitude while letting them know you recognize the importance of their hard work. From design to delivery, the FTD team takes detailed care to ensure your Arbor Day gifts make a positive impact in their world.