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Kinds of Flowers

Few things light up someone's day like an artful arrangement of several different kinds of flowers perfectly complimenting each other in the right vase. Whether it's a romantic display of white lilies and pink roses or a sunny spring bouquet of carnations, daisies and sunflowers, the right kinds of floral arrangements can elevate any home space or special occasion!

What Flowers Go in Which Kinds of Bouquets?

There are countless reasons you may give someone special a bouquet, and choosing the right kinds of flowers to perfectly express your sentiments can be tricky. One of the beautiful things about giving flowers is that even though certain kinds of floral arrangements are associated with different occasions and meanings, there is still a lot of room to add your personal touch!   For instance, roses are traditional love flowers often used in weddings, but there are many other kinds of floral bouquets that can express passion and devotion. Hydrangea’s lush and voluminous heart-shaped petals and pastel shades make them a unique alternative for a spring or summer bridal bouquet. Red or pink tulips have long been an elegant, understated way to surprise a Valentine's date or spouse on an anniversary.   Similarly, there may be many kinds of flowers that are suitable for other occasions as well. Sometimes color is more important, as with white lilies, carnations, and orchids being commonly given as sympathy flowers, with the white petals meant to symbolize purity and innocence.

What Are the Different Types of Flowers in an Arrangement?

There are hundreds of different kinds of flowers to choose from, so how do you know which ones are right for the type of bouquet you're sending? Generally, floral arrangements are made up of several different types of flowers: focal flowers, line flowers and filler flowers, along with greenery.   Focal flowers are the main points your eye is drawn to in a bouquet. These are the flowers that express your feelings for the recipient, convey the special meaning of the occasion, or capture the mood you hope to set with a decorative arrangement. Think red roses in an anniversary bouquet, white lilies or orchids in sympathy flowers or daisies and sunflowers in a spring centerpiece.   Line flowers add some verticality and dimension to floral arrangements, and typically feature many small, delicate petals on a long stem. Line flowers like larkspur, snapdragons and delphiniums are suitable for all kinds of floral bouquets, but can also make for elegant and understated arrangements of their own when packed in a slim vase.   Filler flowers help create a sense of structure and fullness in your bouquet. Often flowers with lush, dense clusters of petals like heather flowers, baby's breath and Queen Anne's lace are used as filler, but you can also use other forms of small foliage and greenery.

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