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Flowers from You

Whether you want to send flowers from you to a loved one or brighten up your own home with a beautiful bouquet, the perfect blooms are available online at

Flowers from You, Delivered Daily

Treat Yourself, or anyone else, to flowers delivered direct from FTD. Receiving flowers or a beautiful bouquet from you can instantly boost the mood of a friend, partner, or loved one. Cheerful yellow flowers like sunflowers, marigolds, daffodils, and yellow tulips are excellent choices to brighten up an office or a loved one’s hospital room. People have self-reported that the color yellow makes them feel happier and able to focus easier. White flowers are calming additions to any space, can brighten a room, and are even believed to ease anxiety. White Gerbera daisies, lilies, snowdrops, magnolias, and tuber roses are elegant and calming flower varieties to buy for yourself or to send in an arrangement.

The Most Fragrant Flowers for Sale for You

There are many beautiful blooms for sale online that have equally stunning scents to match. The voluminous white petals of the gardenia are used in many luxury perfumes and popular fragrant candles. Jasmine flowers have a similar, even stronger scent, that you may recognize from its use in many types of essential oils. For a tranquil aroma, both lavender sprigs and lilac are excellent choices. These purple blooms are known for their relaxing properties and are often used in both pillow and room misting sprays to promote sleep. Roses of any color or variety also carry a rich, soothing scent and have been found by several scientific studies to decrease headaches and mental strain.

Order Beautiful Flowers for Yourself Any Day of the Year with FTD

If you’re seeking a more energizing scent (insead of pretty or powdery smell), consider purchasing a floral arrangement or bouquet that contains eucalyptus. As an added bonus, the silvery green eucalyptus sprig can be placed on the floor of a shower and steamed with hot water to help ease chest or nasal congestion. For a warm, sweet, citrusy scent, consider the honeysuckle flower. Honeysuckles are a favorite flower to use in oil diffusers as a mood stabilizer as they are believed to have the ability to ease depressive symptoms. Peonies are known for their crisp, sweet aroma that can range from citrus-like to even a bit spicy. Though they have a short blooming season, peonies make the perfect pick me up bouquet for yourself or just about anyone else.