Q: I can't completely download the application.

A: Large file sizes and a slow connection speed often lead to trouble downloading. First, make sure you have the fastest Internet connection possible. If you're using a dial-up connection, try to disconnect and reconnect a few times to get the fastest speed possible. Secondly, try downloading early in the morning or late at night, as Internet traffic peaks during the day. Also, if you're using an internal modem, restart your computer, begin the download, and don't run any other software while downloading.

Q: Will I receive reminder messages from this application?

A: Yes, you may receive infrequent promotional offers from the Living Virtual Flower, cursor chasers and screensavers. To close these windows, simply select "No Thanks".

Q: I downloaded the application, and it doesn't work!

A: The applications have been thoroughly tested, though a corrupt download may cause the application not to work or install properly. Try to download your application again, following the directions listed above.

Q: How do I interact with my Living Virtual Flower?

A: Mouse over the Living Virtual Flower image and right click. A menu will appear with all of the different functions, then select any of the options from that list.

Q: How do I hide my Living Virtual Flower?

A: Mouse over the Living Virtual Flower image and right click. From the menu that appears, select Hide. When you want your flower to reappear, just click on the pink flowerpot in the right corner of the menu bar.

Q: How do I remove my application?

A: Windows Users — Click on the start menu and select settings, then control panel. Double click on Add/Remove Programs. Highlight the application you wish to remove, then click the Add/Remove button.
Mac Users — Go to the Apple Menu and select Control Panel, then ScreenTime; click Off and close the window.

If you are still experiencing difficulty, please send us an e-mail via http://custserv.ftd.com. It's possible that your system may not be equipped to handle these applications.

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