When is National Dog Day?

National Dog Day August 26th

Though most of us dog-loving people out there think that our furry friends should be celebrated every day, we will settle for one special day each year. That special day is August 26th and it is quickly approaching! So, what is it that you need to know about this holiday in order to celebrate it properly? Well, we have some information on it to ensure that you and your furry friends are celebrating as best as possible!

When is National Dog Day? 

So, when is National Dog Day this year? Every year it is August 26th and in 2021 it falls on a Thursday. That means you have some time to get ready to celebrate with your best furry friends. Or it means you have time to prepare your life to add a furry friend into the family. If you aren’t one for pets and you don’t see dog ownership in your immediate future, don’t think you can’t observe this holiday. Think about the people in your life and see who may have added a new dog to their family, or who has had a pup for quite some time now. You are more than welcome to treat their doggies to something special, too.

What is National Dog Day?

Now that we know when National Dog Day is, let’s get to the bottom of what it actually is. This special day is meant to raise awareness of the thousands of dogs that sit in shelters waiting to be rescued, celebrate the working dogs that put their lives on the line on bomb squads, service dogs, law enforcement dogs, and rescue dogs, and to show appreciation for those household pets we love so much. As you can see, it is a day to celebrate your own dog with a new dog toy, but it can also have a serious tone, too. And though it is better to be an animal advocate every day, it is great to push it on National Dog Day. On August 26th you can inform those around you of the number of dogs waiting in shelters in your neighborhood, or actively push for those in your life to adopt from local rescues, instead of buying a puppy from a pet store.

How did National Dog Day get started?

National Dog Day was started by Colleen Paige back in 2004. As a family and pet lifestyle expert and animal advocate, she took it upon herself to create this holiday to educate, inform, and bring awareness to very important causes throughout our country and world. The awareness days she has come up with have really changed the world one day at a time. It is said that she chose August 26th as the big day for National Dog Day because that is the day her family adopted their first dog when she was a kid.

How do I celebrate National Dog Day with my dog?

There are so many ways to celebrate National Dog Day with your dog, you just have to pick what you think is going to make their tail wag most.

  •     Going for a beloved W-A-L-K (we know better than to say that one out loud) around your neighborhood, or take them to a place they have never been before.
  •     Post a picture of them on your social media pages and tag the local shelter you adopted your pooch from.
  •     Take them to your local coffee shop to get a puppuccino (whipped cream in a cup) for them to enjoy.
  •     Have a puppy playdate with their dog friends.
  •     Go on a hike and bring them along.
  •     Take them for a swim in the local lake, river, stream, or ocean.
  •     Make a trip to the pet store for them to pick out their next favorite toy.
  •     Let them cuddle up on the couch next to you while you watch a movie about dogs.
  •     Get them a new collar and tag set so they look good.
  •     Go to the dog park to let them sniff around and go for a run off the leash.

National Dog Day Facts.

Now that you are more educated on where the special day came from, who created it, and what you can do to celebrate, we have a few facts for you to be able to share with your dog-loving friends for National Dog Day! 

  •     Not all plants are pet safe. If you have animals at home, you want to be sure what you are bringing home is safe for your furry loved ones. But don’t worry, pet-safe plants are easy to come by, so you can still add nature and beauty to your home without putting your pets in danger.
  •     The most common dog breeds in the United States are Labrador retriever, German Shepherd, golden retriever, bulldog, and beagle.
  •     It is a myth that dogs are fully color blind. They see color just like humans do, but less intensely.

 We hope that you have a bark-tastic time with your furry companion on National Dog Day. Enjoy.