What is National Relaxation Day?

National Relaxation Day

Did you know that there is one day a year that you can relax, kick up your feet and do nothing, and not feel guilty for it? Yup, it is true! National Relaxation Day happens once a year and this year it is time to go big and do… nothing. Though we think everyone should find ways to relax on a daily basis, we know that isn’t always possible for each person. So, we implore you to make National Relaxation Day a priority this year. And as August 15th quickly approaches, it is time to make your plan to relax and enjoy the holiday as best as you can.

When is National Relaxation Day?

National Relaxation Day comes annually on August 15th, and in the year 2021, it falls on a Sunday. Though the rest of the days of the week are amazing, Sundays are one of the best days to relax on. It still allows you to have activities to take part in over the weekend, but it also allows you the time to rest for a full day before heading back to work on Monday. So, the fact that National Relaxation Day falls on a Sunday this year makes for a perfect excuse to make your day as relaxing as can be. Not only will you feel better physically when you grant yourself time to relax, but relaxing is known to improve your mental health drastically. It gives you space, time, and permission to step away from your fast-paced life for a brief period of time, and really take care of yourself.

What is National Relaxation Day?

So, what exactly is National Relaxation Day? Well, it is basically exactly what the title says. It is a day to relax! Though it isn’t a federal holiday (wouldn’t that be amazing?), it is a day observed in the United States to make sure that those participating are getting the rest and downtime that they need. Mental health is no joke and if it is not taken care of properly, it can cause you more issues than a physical ailment could. So, a great first step in taking care of yourself and your mental health is to observe National Relaxation Day with full force.  It is also a great day to encourage your friends and loved ones to take care of themselves as well. You can send someone flowers to remind them of the special day, and to show your support for their relaxation. 

What is the history of National Relaxation Day?

The history on National Relaxation Day is pretty simple. Let’s take it back to 1985 in Michigan, USA. In 1985 a 9-year-old Sean Moeller pitched the idea for this special holiday. From the year 2016 and onwards, Moeller selects one individual each year who sets an exemplary example of what it means to rest and relax. Though this day is now mainly observed by adults, it is clear that relaxing can be enjoyed by someone of any age. 

How do we celebrate National Relaxation Day?

This special holiday is to be celebrated by, you guessed it, relaxing. It also advocates for promoting stress relief through meditation, chilling out, and finding the relaxation method that works best for you. Finding relaxation can start to breed positivity and better focus. And though it isn’t always easy to find ways of how to be more positive, relaxing is one of them. By taking the time to put your focus on eliminating stress and worries, you are lowering your chances of burnout and over exhaustion. By doing that, you are working toward creating a better, more positive you, which can, in turn, form stronger bonds and relationships with those around you. Everyone wins.

How can I have a relaxation day?

Since each person is different, you are going to have to do a little bit of work to be able to find which methods of relaxation work best for you, and you alone. If you are drawing a total blank, we have some ideas you are more than welcome to steal and use to plan your perfect relaxation day. 

  •     Relax with chocolates and watch your favorite movie
  •     Sleep in as late as you can
  •     Do yoga to relax your muscles and your mind
  •     Use an app on your phone to help you meditate and find your center
  •     Cook a delicious meal and enjoy a glass of wine with it
  •     Have an at-home spa day with face masks, a bubble bath, hair treatments, etc.
  •     Set up your essential oil diffuser and read a book
  •     Catch up on your DVR and watch TV all-day
  •     Go get a professional massage to release your stress and tension
  •     Take a walk or bike ride around your neighborhood or near a body of water
  •     Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure at your local salon
  •     Do absolutely nothing

There are so many ways to properly celebrate National Relaxation Day, you just have to find which suits you and your needs best. We hope you find your perfect way to release stress and that you enjoy your relaxing holiday!