What is National Beach Day?

National Beach Day

It is hard to think of a place more beautiful than the beach. The waves lapping the shore, the luscious sand between your toes, the sun’s shining rays kissing your skin, and observing the unique nature and wildlife that inhabit it, all make for a place that is right out of a dream. And though we would be totally fine with it being celebrated for multiple days out of the year, we are happy that it is celebrated for at least one day each year! National Beach Day is a day that should bring awareness to the beauty of the country’s beaches, but also bring to light how to keep them clean and safe for humans and animals to enjoy for years to come.

When is National Beach Day?

National Beach Day is celebrated on August 30th.  That is the perfect time to celebrate for so many reasons. It of course is still within the peak of the summer season, so it is bound to be nice and warm. Since the weather is hot that means you will want to be near a beach to keep things cool, anyway! All you have to do is pack your suit and hit the sand, and you will be able to celebrate National Beach Day the way it was intended.

How did National Beach Day get started?    -H2

The Knights of Columbus in Milwaukee, WI, tried to establish National Beach Day way back in the late 1920s, but it didn’t really pick up the steam they had hoped for. It wasn’t until this Century that it actually took off. We can thank Colleen Paige, a family and pet lifestyle expert, for really putting the wind in its sails. She created National Beach Day with the hopes that it would bring the proper awareness to keeping our beaches as clean, healthy, and pristine as they could be. It is of course also intended to be a day that you spend at the beach with your loved ones, having fun, making memories, and enjoying each other’s company.

What are some fun beach activities?   -H2

There are so many activities you can do at the beach, it is going to be hard to pick just one!

  •     Surfing or boogie boarding
  •     Paddleboarding
  •     Swimming
  •     Building sandcastles
  •     Playing sports like volleyball, badminton, ultimate frisbee, spikeball, etc.
  •     Have a picnic and bring some cookies for the beach
  •     Read a book or magazine, or listen to an audiobook
  •     Look for dolphins
  •     Celebrate special occasions: celebrate spring with flowers or a fresh summer bouquet
  •     Fishing
  •     Meditate 
  •     Relax 
  •     And so much more!

The activities are really limitless when it comes to what you can do to have fun at the beach, so let your creativity soar to new heights, and see where it will take you. It is a great place to be yourself and to let nature refresh and rejuvenate you.

How do we preserve our beaches?

The easiest way to preserve our beaches is by ensuring that whatever you take with you there, you take home at the end of the day. Picking up your trash and belongings is vital to keep the beaches clean and safe for all who visit or inhabit it. Either take all your trash home with you or dispose of it in the proper receptacles upon leaving. If you don’t take your trash with you, with one slight breeze it can end up in the water or into the home of a beach-dwelling animal. So not only would you be littering, but you could potentially be killing the wildlife. Another great way to preserve the beaches is by using “reef-safe” sunscreen. Most sunscreens have harsh chemicals and additives in them, which can kill plants and animals in the water. By investing in the proper sunscreen you are protecting your skin and the beach. Sounds like a win, win to us.

How do we observe National Beach Day?

Of course, the two main ways to observe National Beach Day are to visit the beach to see it in all its glory, and to bring awareness to keeping it as clean and safe as you can. When you are there celebrating you can set up your picnic or beach towels and snap a few pictures to post on your social media accounts to be able to spread the word about the big day and to directly influence your friends to be their best beach selves, too. By using hashtags and posting it, you are helping to educate others about what it means to be a good beachgoer. You may even want to enjoy the beach with filler flowers, daisies, birds of paradise, and your other floral favorites. Though we know you don’t want to leave your flowers, food, and other goodies behind, try to remember the #1 rule of National Beach Day: whatever you bring with you, make sure you clean up and pack it out! 

We hope that you have a National Beach Day that is full of good times, great memories, and amazing people. Enjoy.