28 Stunning Wedding Table Number Ideas

wedding table number ideas

Wedding table numbers are a necessary element to every wedding. Because they guide guests to their correct seats, it is important that they are legible and noticeable. However, just because table numbers are fundamental, does not mean they have to be boring!  There are several wedding table number ideas that you can choose from to take your wedding decor to the next level.

Decorating wedding table numbers is a unique way to customize your wedding and make it special to you. You can style wedding table numbers as stand-alone pieces or as an accompaniment to the rest of the table decor.

To help you brainstorm decor ideas for your wedding table numbers, we have rounded up 28 of our favorite kinds and broken them down into four different styles: rustic, glam, simple and floral-inspired.


Rustic Wedding Table Number Ideas

Create a nature-inspired design for your wedding table numbers by incorporating different types of greenery into the decor. Browns compliment greenery nicely, so try putting your table numbers on wooden backgrounds. Add pastel-colored florals to the arrangement for a romantic addition to a rustic design.

For a textured presence in your decor, try using burlap or variegated wood. Add golds and whites to the colors of your table numbers to stay consistent with the theme. For a statement piece, drape greenery around the design and add small lights. The result: a table number that your guests won’t be able to miss!

wedding table numbers rustic

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Glam Wedding Table Number Ideas

Glam up your wedding with these fabulous design ideas! Stick to golds and pastels to create a stylish, chic look that will impress your guests. Add sparkles to spice up your design or match your table number color to decorative candles. This color coordination will create that glamorous, high-class look you are going for.

Think outside of the box with number designs by letting them stand alone as statement pieces. You can do this by spelling out the number instead of just having the digit. For a more crafty approach, try putting them on something abnormal like a book. Whatever type of style you choose, make sure it is representative of you and your wedding vibe.

glam wedding table numbers

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Floral-Inspired Wedding Table Number Ideas

Create floral-inspired wedding table numbers by incorporating the flowers used in your wedding on the table number card itself. One way to do this is by printing floral designs on paper cards. Place these cards on cardholders that match the vases of the floral centerpieces. This will create a classy, cohesive look.

Take your design to the next level by adding metallic accents to the floral prints on your table numbers. For a statement piece, instead of printing the floral design on your card, place flowers on top! This will create a conversation starter for your guests that they’ll be talking about long after they have sat down.

floral wedding table number ideas

Top left photo by: Elizabeth Fogarty | Top right photo by: Carlie Statsky | Middle bottom left photo by: Ether & Smith | Middle right photo by: Acqua Photo | Bottom right photo by: Jessica Scott


Simple Wedding Table Number Ideas

If you prefer a more classic look, keep your decorations subtle and sweet. You can do this by using soft blue and white hues in your number decor. Play around with elegant fonts and find something that matches you and your partner’s wedding style.

Create an elegant arrangement by color-coordinating with white long-stemmed candles. Match the flame of the candle to the golden-toned font of your table numbers for an extra classy design. You can also create an eye-catching display by making three-dimensional cut-outs of your table numbers or placing them in mini floral baskets.

classic wedding table number ideas

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Whether you choose to color coordinate with the floral decor of your wedding or incorporate it into the design, flowers play an important role when decorating with wedding table numbers. For more inspiration, check out our flower wedding collection!



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