What We Love About Our Moms

Did you know that this year marks the 112th official Mother’s Day? Small gatherings to commemorate moms began in 1908 under the leadership of Anna Jarvis, who started the trend of wearing a white carnation to signify that one had visited their mother or attended church services in her memory. But it wasn’t until 1914 that Woodrow Wilson declared it an official holiday.

Every year as the second Sunday in May approaches, we are reminded to show our moms the love and appreciation that they so deserve. There are countless things that we love about our moms, but what do people value most? To find out, we surveyed 1,017 people and asked them, “What do you love most about your mom?”

Selflessness, kindness, and resilience were by far the top three answers, reminding us of all those times our moms told us to treat others how we want to be treated and never to give up. People also appreciated their mom’s advice, sense of humor, intelligence, and positivity.

We created this infographic as a tribute to all the great moms out there. No matter what type of mom yours is—working or stay-at-home, funny or serious—she’s given the world for you and loves you endlessly. Who else would lose 870 hours of sleep and spend five months of her time doing laundry for you?

Why We Love Mom Infographic

So how are you going to celebrate your mom this year? There are countless ways to say “thank you mom”, whether it’s by taking her out for dinner, running errands with her, going on a trip, binge-watching her favorite show together, or simply giving her a call.

This year, Mother’s Day is on May 8th, so don’t forget to mark your calendars, send some flowers, and plan something special to show your mom how much you appreciate all of her hard work, advice, and unconditional love.

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