Vera Wang Wedding Flowers: The Romanticist

They say every bride dreams about their wedding day from the time that they are little girl. That is all too true when it comes to the Romanticist bride. What’s a Romanticist?

You might be surprised to learn that having a piece of Vera Wang bridal style as part of your wedding day has become beautifully simple with her Wedding Flower Collection on

When you check out the Vera Wang Wedding Page you’ll notice that Vera Wang has categorized bridal style into three separate categories: Traditionalist, Romanticist, and Modernist. This helps guide you in the direction of which flowers will best fit your wedding when planning that all too perfect wedding celebration.

Last time we took a look at the Traditionalist bride, but today we want to pay homage to the Romanticist. You might think every wedding is romantic, but this bride knows how to turn her wedding day into a dream.

The Romanticist will set the wedding celebration at a posh hotel or private estate that gives you the feeling that the rest of the world falls away for this single day. There will be an abundance of candlelight and blush lighting that casts every guest in a warm glow. Guests will be treated to fine wines, gleaming silverware, and bejeweled accent pieces glimmering from each piece of the wedding décor.

This bride will choose a gown with lace trim in a fitted styling that best shows off her figure. Leaning towards the color pink, symbolizing love and admiration, the flowers in the Vera Wang Wedding Collection are exactly what she will be looking for, blending sophisticated pinks with bridal whites to create a look that will not go unnoticed.

standing purple and white calla lily bouquet

The Vera Wang Romanticist Wedding Collection blossoms with chic calla lilies, fragrant lilies, sophisticated orchids, and sweetly swirling roses to create that perfect, romantic atmosphere to take your vows and celebrate your wedding day. These flower arrangements have been handcrafted, artisan-designed, and are only available at select FTD Florists that have proven that they are the best in their business, having the respect of their colleagues and clientele for years.

If you are a Romanticist you will be thrilled to have the opportunity to have Vera Wang wedding flowers as part of your overall wedding look. Find out if there is an authorized Vera Wang florist in your area here. The Vera Wang bouquet featured in this article was handcrafted by Philip’s Flowers in La Grange, Illinois.

Calla Lilies White Roses

Come back to the blog as we will explore the style traits of the Modernist bride and explore even more gorgeous bouquets from the Vera Wang Wedding Collection.