Vera Wang Wedding Flowers: The Modernist

This past summer I found myself at a Modernist wedding. A friend of mine that has been a Broadway actress for years tied the knot with a modern flair and sophistication that threw tradition out the window and created something entirely new. Married at an art gallery, surrounded by beautiful canvases and sculptural pieces, this celebration included fireworks and food trucks and gave you the feeling that you had no idea what was next on the itinerary.

If you’ve been keeping up with the FTD Fresh Blog, you know we have been exploring the three types of bridal styles as depicted by acclaimed fashion icon, Vera Wang. We have already touched on the Traditionalist style, as well as, the Romanticist style, while this week we will take a look at what my friend so obviously embraces, the Modernist style.

Synonymous with wedding style in this day and age, is the name Vera Wang. A fashion designer and icon, every woman wants to have a piece of Vera Wang’s fashion-forward aesthetic added to their wedding day. This is why having access to the Vera Wang Wedding Flower Collection on makes expressing your bridal style beautifully easy and accessible to brides throughout the country.

purple wedding bouquet Bean Chicago modernist bride

The Modernist bride possesses the ultimate creative mind. Her wedding day is meant to be an epic adventure that her guests will remember for years to come. She usually chooses a unique space to take her vows, such as The Bean at Millennium Park in Chicago, an art museum, a picturesque hillside, or a destination halfway around the world. The bridal gown could be any shape or style, but there will be something about it that makes it different than the average white dress. Perhaps the shoes will be loud and colorful, or they will choose a color other than white. There may be a nod towards tradition, but it is just that, a nod. The rest is a break from tradition to make her wedding day a unique celebration like none other.

This is why the Vera Wang Modernist flower arrangements display such bold colors and stunning textures, set to make style statements throughout the wedding celebration. Rich crimson calla lilies are set to create the ultimate bridal bouquet, as well as, options for arrangements that exude the essence of modern romance displaying purples and lavenders at every turn.   Gorgeous fuchsia orchids are a sweetly sophisticated choice for centerpieces, bridal bouquets, and boutonnieres.

These flower arrangements have been handcrafted, artisan-designed, and are only available at select FTD Florists that have proven that they are the best in their business, having the respect of their colleagues and clientele for years.

If you are a Modernist you will be overjoyed to have the opportunity to have Vera Wang wedding flowers as part of your overall wedding look. Find out if there is an authorized Vera Wang florist in your area here. The Vera Wang bouquet featured in this article was handcrafted by Philip’s Flowers in La Grange, Illinois.

modernist wedding bouquets of flowers