Vera Wang Wedding Flowers: The Traditionalist

I have been to my fair share of weddings over the years. As, no doubt, have you. Family, friends, co-workers, and of course my husband’s students all grown up and making me feel older than I should. But the weddings that always make a lasting memory for me are ones in which the bride has truly embraced her aesthetic style and uses the day to express it in every way.

Synonymous with wedding style in this day and age, is the name Vera Wang. Every woman wants to have a piece of a fashion designer and icon like Vera Wang added to their wedding day. Access to the Vera Wang Wedding Flower Collection on makes expressing your bridal style beautifully easy and available to brides throughout the country.

When you check out the Vera Wang Wedding Flowers, you’ll notice that Vera Wang has categorized bridal style into three separate categories: Traditionalist, Romanticist, and Modernist. This helps guide you in the direction of which flowers will best fit your wedding when planning that all too perfect wedding celebration.

Which bridal style are you? Every woman has a signature style that helps to express who they are. When planning a wedding, the bride’s style becomes more and more obvious with each choice she makes.

For this week’s focus, let’s take a look at the Traditionalist bride. This bride looks beyond what is currently on-trend in the fashion world, and looks for a classic style that will be picture perfect even 50 years later.   She chooses to be married in a beautiful cathedral or church, and prefers a classic ball gown when choosing her wedding dress. The entire family is invited to celebrate and family traditions are paid respect throughout the day.

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The colors of the wedding are soft in nature. The flowers reflect this with a color palette of pure whites, pale pinks, and silvers. When browsing the Traditionalist selections by Vera Wang, you’ll notice that attention to every detail has been paid to create these handcrafted, artisan-designed bouquets only available at select FTD Florists. These florists have proven their skill at creating only the best for their clientele for years. The Traditionalist leans toward bridal white blooms and clean lines. The Vera Wang Collection includes stunning white open-cut calla lilies, hand-tied rose bouquets, and sophisticated orchid centerpieces to give your bridal style that perfect flowering beauty.

If you are a Traditionalist bride, you don’t want to pass up the opportunity to have Vera Wang wedding flowers as part of your overall look. Find out if there is an authorized Vera Wang florist in your area here. The Vera Wang bouquet featured in this article was handcrafted by Philip’s Flowers in La Grange, Illinois.

white rose bouquet FTD

Does this sound like you? Share this article! And come back to the blog later this month as we explore the style traits of the Romanticist bride and explore more gorgeous bouquets from the Vera Wang Wedding Collection.